Mae Muller Is Our New Fave

Get to know everything about the rising ‘Brit Pop’ singer-songstress and her new EP!

If there’s one thing Tonight Mag loves, it’s empowering women making their mark in the music industry! Mae Muller’s discography is filled with bad bleep tunes that are so catchy, you can’t help but get up and dance!

We got a chance to chat with Mae about her newest release ‘no one else, not even you‘, what grounds her, and personal goals for the future! Check out the Tonight Mag exclusive below.

Can you talk about the title of your EP (no one else, not even you) and the overall themes surrounding the project?

I’ve always liked titles that sound like sentences, or that come up in conversations. I knew that was the kind of title I wanted! I came up with no one else, not even you because so often, questions I get asked are so heavily based around other people. Like “Oh, what does your ex think about this?” and “Oh my gosh! I would be so afraid to date you!” So much of the power and art is surrounded by them. This is not about any one else– this is naturally about me! There are a lot of people who would like to believe that my music is about them, but I just want to say ‘No babes! Not this time! It’s not about you.’ It’s about being independent, finding my voice, and just saying this time I’m doing this for me, not for anybody else.

Which new song are you looking forward to fans hearing the most?

There are so many songs! I’m biased because I love them all, but there’s a song called ‘dependent’ that I’m so proud of and I can’t wait for my listeners to hear it. It’s the most upbeat song I’ve done in a long time, and it’s really personal. I think it’ll be really interesting to see how they react to it! I [think] some TikTok dances could be made to it!

How do you stay true to yourself as an up and coming artist?

I think I’m really really lucky to have friends and family around me that keep me grounded. My makeup artist is my best friend of 20 years! So it really helps having those people around! I’m really grateful and lucky to be in this job and it’s so important to stay true to yourself, and always be kind to others. It’s easy to forget that in this job, it’s not always about you– there’s a whole team and they’re all so, so important! You have to treat them with respect because they work so hard every single day, so the least I can do is be kind.

OMG! It’s so cool that your makeup artist is your best friend!

I know, it’s great! When we go on tour, it’s so nice to have her on the road with me. She’s an amazing makeup artist, but to have a little bit of home with me is always great.

What songs are you looking forward to performing the most when live music comes back again?

I love performing! I think it’s my favorite part of this crazy job, and I’m missing it a lot right now. There’s a song on the EP called ‘work like that’ and it’s a POWER BOP! I did a show at Kentish Town Forum, which is a venue I was meant to play on tour, but obviously we had to reschedule it. Even performing that to an empty crowd was just so much fun. The energy that I get from seeing it is great, so I know when the room is full, it’s gonna go off!

How do you make sure the work you put out into the world is authentic to you?

I like personal experiences. I always think to myself ‘Would I say this in my real life? Is this really how I feel?’ I think if you’re always writing from the heart–from things that have happened to you–it’s always going to be authentic. I dig a little bit deeper and perfect lyrics to make sure they are truly authentic. It’s always going to be personal and true to you. There’s no use in lying about real stuff, so I always try to keep an element of reality in what I do.

What are three words you would use to describe the EP? 

Honest, empowering, and  sassy!

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

Cheeky, outspoken, and unexpected! I think when I sing, it’s not really what people expect, especially with my accent. I really try to keep my sound of London in there. I think it’s Brit Pop and it’s fun!

What is something you want fans to take away from your music?

I just want them to come away feeling powerful, [that] they’re worthy, and they can relate to something. I always say that I make music I would have liked to listen to growing up because sometimes having someone there saying ‘You are great on your own and the things that you go through, you’re not alone in that.’ If I can be that one voice to somebody and help, then that’s an achievement for me!

What is one major goal you hope to achieve in your career? 

I want to win Grammys and Brit Awards. I would also love to tour and do all the stadiums and arenas around the world. I love performing so that’s the dream!

We’ve been absolutely obsessed with Mae and noe,ney! Make sure you follow her on website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with her.