Billie Ellish Sets a New Bar for Virtual Concerts

Simply put: she did that!

Last weekend, Billie Ellish held Where Do We Go? The Livestream, and fans are still raving about it almost a week later!

As virtual events become more common due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s clear artists are trying to find more creative ways to keep fans engaged while they watch from the comfort of their homes. The mutual intimacy and energy from the crowd and artist are irreplaceable aspects of in person events; they are huge factors in what separates a good show from a great one. And Ellish’s live performance was a great one!

The show featured large green screens that added 3D illusions, visuals, and effects throughout the show. This addition was the pinnacle part of the event and carries the transitions from one song to the next. A fan favorite were the visuals in “Ilomilo”– they were absolutely insane! This song sets an underwater illusion of sharks swimming around Billie and her band. The camera also cuts to Billie surrounded by underwater plants and light rays. Another notable mention would be the use of the black stool in “when the party’s over”. As she’s sitting down, the screens surrounding her go black, and makes her look like she is floating in thin air!

Not only was it interactive and visually appealing, but Billie did such a great job of making fans feel as though they were physically present with her. Throughout the show, she was constantly talking to viewers, the same way she would if she had a live audience.

She made it a point to talk directly to viewers and give her appreciation and love to them during this time. She even put fans on the screens surrounding her during “everything i wanted”. Seeing so many faces light up when they saw themselves was so fun and adds another layer of socially distanced inclusion throughout the performance. Billie then goes on to urge fans to vote, if they haven’t already, and stresses the importance of this election.

All in all, WDWGTL gives future virtual concerts a run for their money (figuratively and literally). It is the coolest live-streamed show we’ve seen this quarentine season! The visuals add to the experience and make up for the fact that you aren’t physically there, watching theses songs be performed live.

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