‘A Letter To My Younger Self’ takes a look at Quinn’s journey in becoming the artist and person he is today.

Quinn XCII has a fresh new album, and it’s pure gold. “A Letter To My Younger Self’ is the perfect prescription during these times. His nod to his younger self is truly a relatable masterpiece. As an artist who thrives on collaboration, this album reflects Quinn’s ability to highlight different artist’s sounds and blend them into a unified album. His music is the perfect addition to every laid back summer playlist. The funny Michigan native took a moment to speak with Tonight Mag about his new album, his DIY music video, collaborations and more! Get to know Quinn XCII below!

How have you kept busy during quarantine?

“I’ve been doing a lot of reading this quarantine. I am admittedly a late reader in life, but I’ve recently discovered a love for it so that’s been a really nice way to pass the time each day.”

Many of your songs involve collaborating with other artists, what’s the collaboration experience like?

“Collaboration has always been an important thing to me. There’s certain sounds you can’t get without a collaborator present so I always try and recruit other talented artists if I’m look for something I myself can’t provide on the song. With quarantine, however, a lot of the collaboration on this album was done via email and sending songs back and forth.”

You filmed “Coffee” with Marc E. Bassy at home, how was that compared to other music videos you’ve filmed? What was your favorite part and what challenges did you encounter?

“That video doesn’t really compare to anything else I’ve done before in my career. We had to work strictly through zoom with our director Blythe Thomas, and quite literally had to film the entire thing ourselves via smart phones (my wife was our cameraman that day lol). Although our resources were limited, it’s become one of my favorite videos because it reminds me of how much can still be accomplished even when adverse circumstances are against you. It reminds me how creative we can be and how we can make something unique with not much at our disposal.”

How have you seen your fans connect with your music, especially during a time where you can’t see them live?

“I’m so blessed and fortunate to have the fans I have. The messages I receive from them truly fuels my motivation as an artist and I think does more for my confidence and mental health than they could ever imagine. During this pandemic, our communication with fans has seemed to become much more intense as concerts aren’t happening anytime soon, so I try and be as vocal with them as I can considering the unfortunate state the live music scene is in right now.”

Congrats on your latest album release! We love it! Can you speak more about A Letter to My Younger Self?

“The album represents my time in high school and essentially what I would tell myself at that age as a 28 year old now. The biggest thing I want fans to take away from this project is to not take things too seriously & to know that whatever you’re enduring right now is just a small chapter in the greater story of your life. Don’t beat yourself up too much.”

You’ve said “Second Time Around” is “one of the most powerful songs you’ve ever made.” What was the decision making process in sharing such intimate details of your story?

“There really wasn’t a decision making process. I think I’ve naturally just become more vulnerable over the years through making music and communicating with such amazing supporters. I wanted to convey in “Second Time Around” that self-forgiveness is essential in our lives that I think we often overlook. My faith and spirituality has also been an important aspect of my life and I felt it was time to touch on that bit with this record.”

How have you seen yourself grow as an artist when reflecting on past releases compared to this new one?

“I think I’ve become more clear as to what I want my career to look like. I’m realizing that music is more powerful than I ever realized and that there’s people in this world who survive off of it. I just wanna make something that can help someone else for the better. I feel I’ve grown more as a person and less as an artist.”

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