Jon Klaasen: Interview and Photo Session

Get to know singer / songwriter Jon Klaasen through an interview and photo session.


You may recognize Jon Klaasen from an earlier version of the X Factor formed band, Forever in Your Mind, or from American Idol’s farewell season. Now, Klaasen is on his own journey to fame.

With many goals in mind, Jon has a plan.

“I’d love to have platinum albums, be on the Tonight Show and Ellen Show, fill stadiums internationally and be able to do the SuperBowl half-time.  My plan to achieve it?  Just hard work and pray that the right opportunities comes my way!”

 Recently, Jon released a song titled Irreplaceable. Focusing on the hard times that everyone goes through, it’s a special song to him.

“It has been so eye-opening to see how “Irreplaceable” has touched so many fans.  Everyone has grief about something in their life or someone that they love and miss horribly.  It’s so special to have people who feel better because they hear my music and it speaks to them in a super personal way.”

 With such an eye opening song, Jon’s talents are surely being put to good use.

“It is really important to me that the gifts I have are used to make a difference for other people…the most miraculous moments are when you connect with someone else and make a difference in their life.”

 Of course the people that connect with Klaasen’s music most are his fans.

“[The fans] really keep up with all the content I release.  Youtube videos, new music, all social media posts.  It’s actually pretty impressive to me.  It also really motivates me to see all their amazing comments and how my music helps them get through tough situations….  I want to be very clear about how much they mean to me!  Everything I write they have helped inspire.  Every opportunity I get they are behind it, pushing it further.”

 Inspired by his fans, Jon has a special way of showing his feelings through music.

“It all starts with writing.  I find something that’s important or special to me.  When I write it’s always a subject close to my heart.  This way when I perform all I have to do is really think about what I’m singing.  Then the emotion automatically translates.”

 Jon Klaasen just finished filming for Awesomeness TV’s Royal Crush, a YouTube series which takes place on board a cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

“It’s been a dream all the way around.  None of it feels real….One moment I’m writing songs in Indiana and the next I’m filming in London, Spain, and Paris!  I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.”

With so many exciting things occurring in Jon’s life, it’s hard to believe he even has time to get into the studio, but new music is coming soon!

“I actually have several songs written and recorded.  We are just working out the details for when and how they will be released.  Those who follow my social media are always the first to know when anything comes out!”

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And be sure to check out our photo session with Jon below!

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