Joshua bassett makes la feel something

We were so fortunate to attend and shoot Jbass’s (second!) sold out show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on October 17th.

The opener for the night was singer-songwriter Lindsey Lomis. One song of hers immediately rang a bell as I’d recently come across it on my Spotify Daily Mix. “call me when u get home”– a song about checking in on your loved ones.

Overall, Lindsey put on a solid performance. She rocked the stage like it were her own, and the fans absolutely loved her.

Be sure to check her out her entire discography on Spotify and Apple Music!

Just shy of 9:00 PM, Joshua’s set began. The singer’s first song of the night was the fan favorite “Feel Something” and the room was instantly electric! Bassett has such a contagious and vibrant energy about him as a performer that consumes the entire room.

Josh wasted no time with his setlist: he sang songs new and old, and pretty much covered the range of his discography which was very exciting. He even snuck in his very first single “Common Sense” after giving a speech about honing in on your craft and never giving up on your dreams.

Shortly after, he sang the focus track from his latest EP “Lifeline”. “I’ve never talked about this publicly before” he said as he went into a story about the night he almost did not make it due to septic shock. The room was still and clinging on to every word he said. The song is an ode to his mother, who flew in to see him that night thinking it would be his last. Thankfully he is here now, healthy and in a much better place emotionally, but he told the audience the first place he went to immediately after getting out of the hospital was to the studio to record that track.

As the night creeped on and Josh was reaching the end of his setlist, began the backtrack for one of his newest singles “SHE SAID, HE SAID, SHE SAID“. As fans were waiting for him onstage, I turn directly to my left and there he was, standing next to me on the balcony! After singing a verse, he swiftly made his way down the stairs into the audience below me to continue the song then made his way back onstage shortly after. How he got from place to place so quickly? I have no idea, but it make the performance fun nonetheless.

The song that closed out the night is one of his sadder ballads “Set Me Free”. The performance was raw and powerful.

Joshua knows how to put on a great show and is constantly releasing new music– he’s released 3 new songs within the past month (we stan a busy king)!

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