Country artist Tyler Rich rocked the Troubadour in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

On tour promoting his new music, Tyler Rich brings his California roots mixed with country swagger to every stage. As the crowd waited for Tyler, they enjoyed an almost club-like atmosphere with 2010s hip-hop hits as the warm up music. It was a party!

Hitting the stage with his newest release, ‘Trucks Don’t Lie,’ Rich’s vocals came out strong and impressive. By the time ‘The Difference’ was on, everyone in the venue was singing along.

Just 20 tickets shy of a sold out show, the audience was a mix of old fans who knew the words to every song and new fans who knew the hits.

Another new hit, ‘Rather Be Us,’ was the turning point into an even bigger party from the crowd. From that point forward, everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along.

Rich took the time to shoutout each band member before a rock cover which showcased each band member’s incredible talent. Then, the artist took it solo for his hit ‘California Grown.’ ‘California Grown’ explains just how country Rich’s home state of California can be, even if some people don’t think of the state as a country music staple.

Soon, the clock stuck 11:09pm and the band moved into a performance of ’11:11.’ By 11:11pm, the chorus to the song was being sung again. Either a crazy lucky coincidence or impeccable timing on behalf of the tour.

A very short break made way for an encore performance of tour-titled, ‘Thinkin’ Were in Love.’ Tyler Rich brought out his opener, Kylie Morgan, for the female portion of the song. The two rocked the stage. Rich ended the night with ‘Leave Her Wild,’ one of his biggest songs to date. The artist stuck around to take selfies with fans and sign merch, showing his true appreciation for everyone who comes out to his shows.

There are still lots of stops on the Thinkin’ We’re in Love Tour! Get your tickets and stay up to date on all things Tyler Rich here.