Hoodie’s Los Angeles stop on the ‘With or Without You’ summer tour was filled with cake smashing, crowd surfing, and all around good vibes.

Three years since his last show in Los Angeles, Hoodie Allen was determined to make this the greatest of them all. The artist jumped onto stage with one of the bigger hits from his 2012 ‘All American’ album, ‘Eighteen Cool.’ From the very start of the show, every lyric was sang by the crowd with (near) perfection.

The show was mainly filled with classics Hoodie Allen fans remembered from 2012- 2016 such as ‘Surprise Party,’ ‘Champagne & Pools,’ and ‘All About It.’ However, a mix of newer or unreleased songs was included in the set list too.

One classic the audience was eagerly waiting for, ‘Cake Boy,’ was met with thrilling screams as soon as the beat began. Artist Bryce Vine joined Allen on stage for the tradition of caking the crowd during the song.

Shortly after, Emmyn Calleiro of the band Games We Play joined Hoodie on stage to perform an unreleased song which we are thinking is called ‘Hey Ben.’ ‘Hey Ben?’ shares the story of being with someone else’s girlfriend unknowingly – a story Hoodie says is based on real events. Fans in the crowd were singing along in no time and the song will surely be a hit upon its release.

Towards the end of the show, another tour tradition began. An inflatable raft was brought out for Hoodie to crowd surf. After hopping in and riding his fan wave, Hoodie eventually returned to the stage for the last song before his encore.

Fans chanted “Hoodie! Hoodie! Hoodie!” After a short break, the artist returned to the stage to complete his Los Angeles show with fan favorites ‘No Faith in Brooklyn’ and ‘No Interruption.’

The With or Without You summer tour is surely a success so far! Hoodie Allen knows how to engage with his audience by incorporating his new music with the classics.

There are still stops left on the tour! Get your tickets soon and stay up to date on all things Hoodie Allen here.