Jonah Kagen’s and Maisie Peters’ voices filled the the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles for night one of two.

Jonah Kagen graced the stage on time at exactly 8:30pm. Welcomed with excited cheers, he quickly jumped into his first song filled with acoustic bliss that echoed through the venue.

The audience then got a sneak peek at an unreleased song, Chemicals. After being taught some of the lyrics, everyone was singing along to the catchy melody which accompanied the somber yet enlightening lyrics.

After a few more songs and a lot of jokes, Kagen made his way to the final song of the evening. Broken was Jonah’s first release and is lyrically charming, enticing the crowd to let each word hit them blissfully.

Overall Jonah Kagen has a fantastic stage presence and knows how to engage his audience. The 30 minute set time was enough for him to gather recognition while exciting the crowd for Maisie Peters.

As soon as Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together played on the speakers, the crowd went crazy knowing that this was song before the upcoming set.

Maisie’s band came to the stage as fans erupted in cheers knowing she would be joining soon. The entrance anthem was new release and album title, You Signed Up For This.

The next song, Boy, brought high energy and lots of dancing. Maisie attitude showed she was genuinely excited to be on stage.

Psycho was a great transition song bringing the mood from high energy to calmer ballad filled songs.

Maisie engaged her audience by asking who had been recently heartbroken. After talking one on one and hearing the story, Peters had the crowd collectively chant ‘fuck you Victor’ which was a fun laugh. This led into an older song with a heartbreak theme, Sad Girl Summer.

Maisie Peters teased the crowd with an acoustic version of Cate’s Brother before requesting the crowd all put their phones away and live in the moment for a full band performance of the song.

After telling a few of her villian origin stories, Maisie closed the show with a 2018 release, Worst of You. It wasn’t long before she came back for an encore, truly closing the show with John Hughes Movie.

Maisie Peters works her crowd well, gracefully flowing from one song to the next. Her romance filled songs tell stories of every kind of love. A Maisie Peters performance is not one to miss.