If we’re being honest, dodie’s tour was one for the books!

Here’s a behind the scenes look of the final show on Dodie’s 2022 North American tour!

Last Friday, Tonight Mag was invited to attend the last show of Dodie’s 2022 Build A Problem: North American Tour. Not only did we capture photos throughout the show, but we also had the opportunity to go backstage with Dodie and her band to shoot behind the scenes content as they geared up to rock the sold out show at The Ace Hotel Theatre!

After Lizzy McAlpine’s incredible opening set, I met up with Dodie’s tour manager Elliot, to run through show protocol plus a quick tour of the backstage area. Once all the action points were covered, he led me to the green room where I was introduced to Dodie, Josh (Dodie’s manager), Orla Gartland (guitarist), Elena Abad (violinist), Pete Daynes (bassist), Katt Newlon (celloist), and Ross Leslie Craib (drummer).

Capturing pre-show photos was like being a fly on the wall in the best way! Being present in a room with so much life and vibrancy, especially after the last few years, was such an amazing feeling to experience and to be a part of. The energy in the room was electric and contagious as people were chatting, snacking, and wrapping up their final makeup looks. It’s a special kind of excitement high you get when you’re soaking up the energy that’s surrounding you, and it made me more eager to see a show I’d been impatiently counting down the days for.

Next came the pre-show ritual. Smiles beamed on everyone’s faces as Elliot came into the dressing room to get their chant rolling. Everyone’s attention fell onto Dodie and Orla as they both jumped up and down while everyone enthusiastically chanted along.

We all made our way into the hallway and staircase shortly after to queue up to go onstage in just a few short minutes.

And just like that, it was showtime!

“Air So Sweet” was the perfect song to open the show with. The soft intro and instrumentals perfectly matched the energy of everyone’s anticipation waiting for Dodie to finally make her way onstage.

The setlist consisted of songs from their debut album Build A Problem and classics like “Sick of Losing Soulmates” and one of my personal favorites, “When”.

The crowd went wild for fan favorites “Rainbow” and “She”–songs that have branched a deeper bond between Dodie and her LGBT+ supporters.

As the night went on, we finally made our way into ‘Banger-town’ (Dodie’s choice of words for the final songs)! I was able to watch the remainder of the show from the wings while fans got out of their seats for “Boys Like You” and “In the Middle”. Some fans were keen on these being the final songs of the night. Dodie made their way offstage while the band continued to vamp, as fans began to chat until their build up got louder and louder.

About two minutes had passed and Dodie made their way back onstage after a quick outfit change to sing her final song of the night “Hate Myself”. Their new costuming consisted of the uniform and hat from the song’s music video which everyone loved!

At the end of the song, Elliot allowed me onstage to take photos of the band and crew’s final bows!

All in all, Dodie closed her North American tour with a bang! Their artistry and onstage charisma is unmatched. Dodie and the band’s passion for the music they’re performing and their crafts was felt throughout the entire venue, so shoutout to them on a job well done!

If you’re reading from Europe and are thinking about getting tickets to the tour’s EU leg, then this is your sign to do so now. Experiencing Dodie’s music live is such a wonderful feeling that you truly will not regret!