Two friends bring adventurEland to LA

The Adventureland Tour with Two Friends brought the heat to The Shrine in Los Angeles!

DJ duo Two Friends brought Bryce Vince along on their Adventureland Tour to ready the crowd . Bryce hit the stage hard and made sure the audience was hyped for his set and the upcoming Two Friends set.

Bryce Vine performed his hit songs like ‘Drew Barrymore,’ and ‘La La Land,’ along with some of his lesser known songs which still drew the crowd in. It felt as though everyone knew the lyrics to his final song ‘Sour Patch Kids.’

After a quick set change, Two Friends took the stage.

To keep with their Adventureland theme, the show began with incredible amusement park rollercoaster graphics. As the ride dropped, the base dropped, and Two Friends jumped on stage.

While on the topic of graphics, every background shown on the screen was elaborate. From theme parks, Two Friends as Simpsons characters, Baywatch, and flaming heads, no attention to detail was lost.

Knowingly popular amongst the college crowd, it was fitting that the show took place near USC with many college students in attendance. The audience raved during the entire concert. Every drop was filled with cheers and willingness to not let the night end.

Surprise guest FITZ joined on stage to sing his part in the Two Friends hit, ‘Life’s Too Short.”

The Adventureland Tour is not a show to miss. Two Friends continues to put on unbelievable performances where the crowd is engaged and entertained.