Drive on the 5 with Winnetka boWLing league

Winnetka Bowling League didn’t fail to give San Diego a show to remember.

The intimate Voodoo Room in San Diego’s House of Blues was the perfect atmosphere for the Los Angeles based indie rock band. 

Lostboycrow opened for WBL with a few of his classic hits. Fans from the crowd sang along as he serenaded the venue with his electric guitar.  He shared that lead singer, Matthew Koma, asked at 5pm that very day if Lostboycrow could open for WBL. While short notice, artist didn’t shy away from the last minute challenge. He packed up his guitar and zoomed over to San Diego just in time. We’re thankful he did! After his set, he thanked the crowd and opened up the stage for the night’s headlining act. 

The crowd cheered as each member of Winnetka Bowling League walked on stage ready to start the show. Without skipping a beat, the band launched into their set. They opened with their latest hit ‘Pulp’ that set the tone for the night. Fans sang along to every single song in pure bliss. After all, we’ve waited to see WBL back in San Diego for two whole years. 

In the middle of the set, Matthew jokingly introduced their “newest” band member Vin Diesel. The crowd cheered and chuckled as Vin’s cardboard cutout with an inflatable guitar made its way on stage. 

WBL continued playing classics like “Come to the Beach” and “Dianne” while interacting with concertgoers. It was apparent that feelings of missing live music were mutually felt. 

After a few more songs, Koma then introduced another band member who wanted to try his hand at becoming the band’s bass guitarist- Robert Pattinson. Fans cheered and laughed again at the tongue-in-cheek display. 

As the concert drew to an end, Winnetka Bowling League closed the night with their smash hits “CVS” and “On the 5.” It truly was a night to remember, and San Diego is excited to welcome the band back sooner rather than later.

It’s not too late to see Winnetka Bowling League live in concert! Check out their tour dates here. To stay connected with the band, be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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