Fans left House of Blues feeling that Day(glow)

Sloan Struble said it best on Friday night during the Dayglow concert at the San Diego House of Blues: “I will not forget this night.”

The House of Blues venue coupled with Dayglow’s quirky energy proved to be the perfect combination for an intimate and electric concert. 

Hovvdy, a band from Austin Texas set the mood with Carhartt pants, switching instruments mid-set, and overall high energy that can’t be faked. 

Their song “True Love” (Which is coming out Oct. 1st) got the crowd jumping while the Dayglow sign stayed unlit behind them, adding to the anticipation. 

Charlie Martin who was on the drums ended their set saying, “Not gonna lie this is more fun than LA.” 

Of course the San Diego proud fans went wild after that, which led right into Dayglow entering the stage. 

The Dayglow sign lit up with neon colors, and then Sloan Struble came out dancing. Some might describe Struble’s dance style as a combo of gangly Jim Carrey and a hippie coming straight from Woodstock. 

The intimate setting did not dim the hype, because the 2nd half of the set was a wild series of events.

The fans LOVED hearing the first chords of  “Will You call me Tonight” and “Fuzzy Mind,” which followed a lot of dancing and a high amount of successful crowd surfers (especially considering the “NO Crowd Surfing” Signs that covered the walls). 

*It should be noted that Sloan checked up on them after because there were legs flying through the crowd, again, a humble guy* 

Dayglow was only a few verses into “Will you call me Tonight” when a fire alarm went off. Everyone was confused why the lights were on, but there wasn’t any alarming danger, so the show went on! 

Halfway through the set Sloan said, “Introduce yourself to your neighbor” as he almost dropped his guitar. It seems like he values community and gives off a humble energy despite Dayglow’s success on Friday night, and in the indie world. 

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