Hella Mega Excited for the Hella Mega Tour

Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer lit up their sold out San Diego show.  

San Diegans gathered on a hot Sunday afternoon at the infamous Petco Park Stadium, home to the Padres, for the much anticipated Hella Mega Tour. The sold out show foreshadowed the epic night to come. Beers and snacks in hand, fans buzzed with excitement as they trickled to their seats and prepped for an unforgettable night. 

Throughout the venue, concertgoers donned new and old merch displaying their seasoned fan status. Young fans bounded through the halls, anticipating what it would be like to hear the legends themselves sing in person after over a year without live music. If you looked hard enough, you could see fans rocking bright mohawks, an homage to punk roots. 

As the clock drew near time for the opening act, The Interrupters, fans cheered wildly as each member ran to their place on stage. With enough energy to charge the stadium, the band kicked off the night by giving San Diego their all. Jumping right in, lead singer Aimee joined by brothers Kevin, Justin and Jesse Bivona serenaded the crowd under the bright sun. When their set came to a close, Aimee thanked the stadium before running backstage. 

With an already hyped crowd, fans eagerly eyed the colorful stage unfolding before them. Retro shades of pink, purple and teal amps flanked both sides of the stadium as Weezer’s infamous “W” floated distinctly between two electric blue lighting bolts center stage. There wasn’t a question who would grace the stage next. 

Southern California’s very own local legends stepped on stage to cheering fans immediately transported back to the 90s. Without missing a beat, Weezer dove right into their classic song ‘Hero.’ Lead vocalist Rivers Cuomo outfitted in a mullet, red converse, and a retro guitar had us thinking mullets are the new man bun. 

In the middle of the set, Rivers Cuomo laid back on the color amps and played while raising his legs in the air- ballerina style.

This seasoned band pulled together a flawless act. While interacting with the crowd, intertwining San Diego into their lyrics, and tossing out pink and purple balloons during the global hit ‘Island in the Sun’ it was hard to imagine the night getting any better. 

With the sun setting, classic beloved songs from ‘Beverly Hills’ to ‘Say It Ain’t So’ reminded fans why Weezer deserves their honorary place in musical history. For those who grew up adding Weezer’s music to mixed tapes and playing Weezer CDs in the car, it unlocked many memories of the past.

After seventeen songs, Weezer concluded their set with the classic ‘Buddy Holly.’ As a final parting gift for such an incredible night, the band showered the stadium with purple and pink confetti. It was a flurry of dazzling color no matter where you stood. The artists came together to thank San Diego for their support, and took a final bow before hopping off stage. 

Now with the sun finally below the horizon, Weezer’s stage quickly cleared to make room for the next act- the much anticipated Fall Out Boy set. The stage glowed in the darkening night, creating a silhouette of each band member as each took his place on stage. Making a strong opening with ‘The Phoenix’ set fans into blazing excitement. 

After an energetic opening song, the band lit up the stage, literally, with flames during ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ and that was just the beginning. Their electrifying show had perfectly timed pyrotechnics to the music. Flames erupted on stage to the beat of the music. Pete Wentz even rocked on a guitar ejecting what felt like six foot flames. In homage to Petco Park’s beloved San Diego Padres, Pete Wentz surprised the crowd with an outfit change wearing a San Diego Padres baseball jersey. Fans went wild in support for their city’s team.

Bodies danced to the beloved music as the band played classics from ‘Uma Thurman’ to ‘Centuries ’ without missing a beat. Drummer Andy Hurley, played ecstatically while shirtless showing off his infamous tattooed torso. As the set drew to a close, Fall Out Boy concluded their set with ‘Saturday’ in an epic show of lights. They definitely left fans thinking ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs.’ 

The classic Queen song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ blared through the speakers indicating it was almost time for the final show. The stadium came to life again as each audience member sang loudly to the beloved classic. Meanwhile, a pink bunny ran around the stage, beer bottle in hand, to amp the crowd even more. 

Finally, after waiting patiently, or maybe not so patiently, for the headliners themselves, the moment had finally arrived. With a crowd already warmed up for what they could only imagine to be a show even more spectacular than what already unfolded before them, their excitement was contagious. The crowd, eagerly waiting for Green Day to jump on stage, cheered at any movement caught on the dimly lit stage. 

The second Billie Joe Armstrong set foot on stage, the crowd roared with deafening cheers and applause. It was time for the moment everyone was waiting for. Green Day – global icons, legends, heroes, and household names took the stage with full force launching straight into ‘American Idiot.’ They graced the stage with such ease, it looked like they didn’t belong anywhere else in the world. 

With what seemed like an endless reserve of energy, Billie Joe effortlessly ran around the stage signaling cheers from each section of the arena. Teasingly, when cheers fell short of his expectations, Billie sat in the middle of the stage in defiance until he heard roars loud enough to appease him, and jumped into the next song. As a seasoned concert veteran, the lead singer captivated the audience each second the band played on stage. The talented artist played his guitar behind his head in a classic signature move. Pure talent flows through his veins. He made sure to also acknowledge the venue and baseball icons that have played the very field Green Day now sang at by wearing the classic San Diego Padres spin chain.

His magnetizing stage presence, flawless vocals, and constant engagement with the San Diego audience only highlighted why Green Day will forever be immortalized in the music industry. They are, simply put, timeless. As a band, they have stood the test of time. Living on through records, cassettes, CDs, iPods and now streaming, they’ve impacted multiple generations. Which was made clear by the variety of ages scattered throughout the venue. Who doesn’t remember rocking out to Green Day songs on Guitar Hero and Rock Band?

As if a night full of flames weren’t enough, Green Day went all out with expertly timed fireworks throughout the show. They didn’t hold back at The Hella Mega Tour, which felt like an ultimate celebration of live music being back in person. 

Before concluding what could arguably be one of the most epic nights of 2021, Billie Joe asked the audience who could ACTUALLY play the guitar. After scanning the crowd for just the right guitarist, he called up a fan who came on stage to play alongside the band to end the show. Talk about dreams coming true. As a parting gift, Billie Joe gifted the guitar to the fan. The band truly gave every person in the audience the time of their lives. 

There’s no doubt about the raw musical talent of each band in the Hella Mega Tour. Each set was the perfect build to the epic finale. Stay up to date with The Interrupters, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day by visiting their website. It’s not too late to see them all live on the Hella Mega Tour. Check out tour dates here. Get to know more artists here