On the Chris Bandi Bandwagon

Bandi’s new single, Would Have Loved Her, is tugging on everyone’s heartstrings.

The last time we talked to Chris Bandi, his EP had just been released. Almost a year later, Chris’ newest single Would Have Loved Her is climbing the country charts.

How did Would Have Loved Her come to be your next single?

“It was kind of a gut feeling. [‘Would Have Loved Her’] was the last song I wrote in 2019. I got the first chorus done and sent it to my manager who kept hounding me to finish writing it with my good friend, Zach Kale. As soon as we got it back, everyone flipped out about it.”

Would Have Loved Her tells the tale of a father passing before meeting his son’s partner. Originally written about his own grandfather, the song holds a special place in Bandi’s heart. Fans of the song have embraced it as well.

“It’s been incredible to see people attaching it to their lives and finding solace in the song. As a songwriter and artist, all you want to do is have people relate to your music. I get on YouTube and see comments from people saying how special the song is to them. I find solace in reading them.”

“We had a guy reach out on Instagram saying he was best man in his best friend’s wedding. His best friend’s father had passed away before the couple started dating. I sent them a video and in return got a video of their first dance, which was to ‘Would Have Loved Her.'”

The lyric video for Would Have Loved Her features a simplistic yet beautiful storyline.

“I wanted it to revolve around a church and for it to be spiritual. We drove around to a few cool looking churches and filmed it in one day.”

Would Have Loved Her is such an intricate and stunning song, it’s hard to believe it was written in the midst of COVID-19. We asked Chris how quarantine has changed his writing and production process.

“I think at the very beginning [quarantine] was detrimental to everything. We were starting to learn about Zoom so writing [music] over Zoom was kind of weird. You a lot of the intimacy and energy when you aren’t face to face. We’ve navigated it well and it has now become like second nature to us. I am back to writing in the room with people I trust and am keeping my circle small. I think we are on the uptick of it coming back to normal, but also becoming more creative with it as well.”

Chris Bandi is ready to play Would Have Loved Her and the other songs from his EP for fans.

Last year was weird because we didn’t get to promote ‘Chris Bandi’ the way you would normally promote an EP. We are working on new songs, but I’m really excited to get back on the road and play these songs! I’m excited to see what songs [the audience] sings along with.

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