Another quarantine hit by a household favorite!

Appropriately named new release “From A Distance” with the Rexburg Children’s Choir is the perfect interlude for the incoming holiday season.

Archuleta’s album release “Therapy Sessions” earlier this year gave us insight into his world and it’s safe to say his new music does the same. Get to know David a little more as he shares his Top 10 Tonight answers!

What’s the last song you listened to?

“Refiner by Maverick City Music.”

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

“Wow I’d probably spend a week to reflect on what I’d want to say! Haha. I’d probably sing a song that brings me peace for 30 seconds. Music heals in any language. Something like a verse of the song Nearer My God To Thee.”

Would you rather it be too warm or too cold?

“Too cold as long as I’ve got blankets and sweats.”

What’s the weirdest gum flavor you can come up with?

“Booger flavor.”

When scrolling through social media do you prefer posts from celebrities or your best friends?

“Mis amigos!! (my friends).”

What slang makes you feel old?

“That’s a Bop. Or any of the Cardi B noises.”

What’s the most useful thing you own?

My phone. I can play games, record music, watch the news or shows, sing karaoke, answer these questions right now.”

What animal best represents your personality?

“I would like to think a cat. Because they’re cool doing their own thing and being alone, but I’m probably more like a mouse that’s always freaking out about everything and anxious.

What’s your most irrational fear?

“I love you. Whether it’s said to me or I tell someone else.”

What would be the funniest thing to fill a piñata with?

Bees. Well that wouldn’t be funny actually but it’d be interesting?

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