Parker McCollum is Hollywood Gold

Parker made a place for himself in the Country Music world.

After his August release, “Young Man’s Blues,” Parker McCollum had fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation for his upcoming EP. His latest release “Pretty Heart” was the perfect teaser for “Hollywood Gold.” With a solid foundation of songs created from the heart, Parker is giving just a small taste of what’s to come. This Texas native’s sweet southern drawl that resonates through each song is just the cherry on top. Get to know more about Parker below!

Which of your songs do you resonate the most with and why? 

I would say “Young Man’s Blues”! I don’t think it’s the best song I’ve ever written but I feel like I really hit the nail on the head of what I was trying to say at the time. Now when I hear it on the highway or hear it on the radio, I’m like nobody else in the world may like that song ever, but while I don’t enjoy or think too much about the songs I write, this one I felt like, yeah! I got it!

How do you blend your Texas roots with Nashville country when making music? 

I just don’t think about it whatsoever. It’s interesting to me that people are so aware of it and think about it so much. I’m not trying to sound any kind of way. I think the best songs win, and honest song writing lives for a long time if you’re trying to have hit songs. Something real and tangible, and something you can hold onto lasts the longest as far as the relevancy of songs and records. I think just trying to keep my mind focused on that. Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas! I told Hallie Ray that if we ever have kids, you’re getting on a bus eight and a half months in and come out here to Texas so they can be born on Texas soil. I will grow old here for sure. When I’m in the studio creating I’m just trying to be as real and sound as good as possible.

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