Take A Trip into the Silver sphere

“It’s a planet where everyone can go to feel their emotions freely and escape whatever it is that’s happening in their life.”

Silver Sphere’s newly released ‘All My Boyfriends‘ EP is a project full of lessons learned from past relationships. The pop darling perfectly paints the complications of getting over someone you knew so well– sometimes you know they can’t handle you, and other times, you can feel their presence lingering over you like a ghost. We recently chatted with her about all things music, inspiration, and her goals for the future. Check out our interview with the rising-superstar below!

Photo Credits Jess Farran

How has quarantine been for you? Have you picked up any new skills since it began? 

Quarantine has had its ups and downs for me. I get a lot of my energy from the people around me and really just love seeing my friends and so it was hard at first. But I’ve come to like the alone time which is good for me. I’ve always produced a little bit but I’ve been focusing on that skill a lot. Also just been brainstorming lots of ideas surrounding my project. 

 Have you seen any cool/fun ways your fans have been reacting to your music, especially during a time where you can’t physically see them? 

TikTok!! I wasn’t on TikTok until quarantine and it’s been so fun to see how my fans use my music.

How do you prepare for studio sessions? Do you go in with song ideas in mind and work around it, or do you let your ideas develop freely during the session? 

It depends on the day. Sometimes I have a lot on my mind so I’ll come in with a purpose. Other times I want to feel out production and let that lead the song. I’m always jotting down ideas in my notes app so I always have some ideas on deck. 

Can you talk about your EP ‘All My Boyfriends’ as a whole, and the overall themes surrounding it? 

All My Boyfriend’s details Silver Spheres first trip to earth and her first experience with heartbreak. I wrote the project over 2 years and I went through all the stages of love and heartbreak and the EP follows that experience from start to finish.

How do you stay true to yourself as a small artist?

I just surround myself with people I like to collaborate with and with people I love. And I remind myself constantly why I wanted a career in music. 

‘crowd’ is so good! Can you please talk about the meaning and inspiration behind the song?

Crowd is about making amends with someone who’s done you wrong. And about how you should be able to hold someone accountable but still forgive them. In my situation, the song is about finally saying all the things I held back during a conversation meant for reconciliation. 

What is one thing you want your listeners to take away from your music? 

That emotions, whether they feel good or bad, are beautiful and to feel freely. 

How would you describe your growth as an artist, from your very first release, to ‘All My Boyfriends’? 

I’ve just become more confident in myself and my ideas. And I’ve developed the world around my project in a way that I feel represents me fully. I’ve also matured and grown and I look at life and love so differently, and I think this project shows that. 

What are a few goals you hope to achieve in your career? 

I want to play the venues I used to see my favorite artists play at. And I want to make people feel something. 

Anything you would like to add? 

You can visit me in the silversphere anytime. Just close your eyes and turn on my music. It’s a planet where everyone can go to feel their emotions freely and escape whatever it is that’s happening in their life. Everyone cries glitter here, and boys don’t break hearts. Oh, and also, everyone remember to give female artists the credit they deserve ❤

You can visit Silver Sphere on her Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and website!