All Our Love for Elderbrook

His newly released album is perfectly timed for the quarentine season!

Elderbrook’s project Why Do We Shake in the Cold? is an overall deep-dive into human connections and loneliness, two themes that are pertinent during a time of quarentine and social distancing. This body of work features a blend of electronic and alternative music, while keeping strong ties to his past works of production. We got to talk to Elderbrook about his new album, along with his musical inspirations and goals for the future. Check our interview with the 2017 Grammy nominated artist below!

Have you learned anything new to keep you occupied during quarantine?

I think like a lot of people, I’ve learned to cook a lot more! I make an aggressive salad these days, for sure. 

The title of your LP ( Why Do We Shake In the Cold ) is so interesting! Can you please talk about the song itself, and why you also felt it was the best name for the project, as a whole?

The song is very personal to me. There’s a lyric in there; “if only I could tell myself at 20 years that someone else was waiting alone, I would have run”. That line’s really about when I was going through a pretty lonely time when I first moved to London to pursue a musical career, and that I wish I knew that it was only a blip in an otherwise great life I’ve had since… Meeting my fiancé and getting on with my life. I think this fits in with the overarching theme of the album of people needing people. It’s all about human interaction and how important it is for us all. 

Which song off the tracklist had the longest or most unique creation process?

Definitely “Next December”. I was in Los Angeles for a while working on finishing the album and we had just finished the opening song on the album “All My Love”. People started making some dinner and I took a little synth from the song and made it into a long drone. After that I got up and sang this little idea of lyrics that I had written on my phone from ages ago. I sung it in and we used the first take. It’s amazing that we were able to use the first take but it does mean that if you listen carefully you can hear my producer Jake and my fiancé Sophie making dinner in the background.

Between singing, songwriting, and producing, which side of the musical process do you find yourself leaning more towards personally?

I always lean towards songwriting. It always comes really quickly and naturally to me and I just get caught up in it. Ever since I got my first guitar I always wanted to write songs, playing things that other people have written never really appealed to me. 

You were set to perform at multiple festivals this year, which for obvious reasons, have been canceled. Which song are you the most excited to perform when the time for live music comes back?

I’m really really excited to perform “Down By The Bay” from the new album. It’s a bit of an anthemic song that I’m so proud to have written and it will be an emotional moment for me when I can finally play it live.

What does it feel like to finally be releasing your debut album out into the world? 

It feels amazing! I’ve been working on building material for this moment for years and years and to finally have it happening is great. Definitely feel a sense of relief. 

Who are some of your musical inspirations and how do you incorporate their sound(s) or influences into yours (if at all)?

I love country music. I like to think that a lot of the melodies and chords I lean toward are kind of in that vein. Lyrically I’m very much inspired by songs by The National, I love the imagery of them and the subtlety.

What are some of your short-term plans and long-term goals?

I’d love to play and sell out Brixton Academy one day. That’s the big one for me. To be fair I wouldn’t mind winning a Grammy too!

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