Talking Deep with E^ST

This Aussie singer-songwriter’s project has lyrics fit to help ease any heartbreak.

E^ST’s new album, I’M DOING IT, is a personal favorite album drop of 2020. This indie-pop album is filled with melodic harmonies along with a rollercoaster of emotions. The highs and lows from each song transition into one another flawlessly! And the themes of personal growth and heartbreak are topics many people can resonate with. We had the pleasure of chatting with E^ST about her recent album drop and so much more– check out the exclusive interview below!

You’ve recently just hit 50 MILLION streams. How does it feel and what did you do to celebrate?

It was such a crazy milestone to hit, I felt really proud of myself and really honoured that my music reached that many people. I celebrated by jumping on the bed and drinking champagne, don’t tell my mum.

Have you picked up any new skills/learned anything new since quarantine began?

Honestly what I’ve learnt most about during quarantine is myself. Lots of anxious self reflection going on, you know, classic young adult stuff. Other than that, my cooking game has definitely gotten stronger!

Congratulations on your newly released album ‘I’M DOING IT’! Which song off the tracklist do you resonate the most with?

Thank you! That’s a tough question because each song is really personal, I honestly think it depends on the day which one resonates with me the most! Today I’d say it’s FIT FOR COMPANY, tune in tomorrow to hear which song I’m feeling the most then.

And which was the most difficult (or took the longest) to write?

Funnily enough, I’M DOING IT took the longest. That song was a half cooked idea in the archives for a long time before I finished it.

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What is one thing you want fans to associate with your music and take away from it?

Well I hope what they take away is the feeling and the sense that they’re not alone. That we all go through ugly breakups and identity crisis’s all the time. You’re a mess, I’m a mess, but it’s okay.

Have you seen any cool ways your fans have been responding to the album?

Honestly just people reaching out saying how much the album means to them, how much they relate to the songs and how the music is helping them during this weird and difficult time in the world.

Which song off the tracklist are you the most excited to perform live when the time for live music comes again?

NO ONE WITH YOU is gonna be a lot of fun I think, I can’t wait to perform it live!

What is one goal you hope to achieve at any given point in your career?

A tour of the USA would be amazing!

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