Feeling Good with SAYGRACE

Get to know the Boys Ain’t Shit singer!

We think it’s safe to say SAYGRACE is one of the hottest new artists around! Her self-loving and female empowering lyrics are a perfect combination to ultimate boss babe energy! And her latest release Feel Good embodies that passion so flawlessly! Check out SAYGRACE’s exclusive interview with Tonight Mag below!

How has quarantine been for you so far? Have you picked up any new skills/learned anything new?

Quarantine has been wavy. Definitely missing “normal life.”  I’ve been trying to practice guitar more often but I’ve really been in the kitchen.  I love to cook but don’t always have the time so that’s been cool.  

You’ve recently released your latest single ‘Feel Good’ along with the music video! What ideas/themes come from the song that were incorporated into the video?

The song is inspired by a toxic relationship that actually wasn’t romantic in any way. It was a business situation that I eventually had to get out of. This song is basically my expression of the experience. The music and the creative is such a pure thing to me, but there’s a lot of things and people in the industry that aren’t. I came into the industry at 14 so that was a big learning curve. At the end of the day, people will use you and take advantage and try to tear you down on some weird ego shit, but if you can learn quickly, stay strong and remember who you are and why you do this in the first place, you will always come out better in the long run.  

We’ve been loving ‘Boys Ain’t Shit’. Flo Milli was a PERFECT collaboration for the song! Can you talk about working with her and how the song itself came to be?

When we initially started reaching out to people for collaborations on “Boys Ain’t Shit” she was one of the first people we hit up and she absolutely killed it. I loved what she did right off the bat and felt like she brought the right energy the song needed. We had a few other features in the works so after some time had passed, and other collaborations were released.Flo Milli posted a video on her IG singing along to the verse. It just kind of lit a fire again and had this great reaction so we decided to put it out immediately. 

How have you seen your fans connect with your music during a time where you can’t see them live?

I feel like when I write, I picture how people will listen and connect with the song, whether that be jamming out in the car or singing into a hair brush in front of the mirror, and fans tag me in videos like that all the time and it makes me so happy. It’s super surreal ‘cause you create this thing in the studio and it’s like your baby. You listen to it over and over and try to make it perfect, and then you release it and it’s not yours anymore… it belongs to the people, so it’s so cool to see how people express themselves to the art you’ve created. 

A viral TikTok dance challenge featuring SAYGRACE’s Boys Ain’t Shit.

Did you always know you wanted to pursue a musical career? What was your journey to get to where you are today?

I knew from a young age it was what I wanted to do, and I never had a plan b-  it was all in or nothing. It’s been a crazy process, so much self discovery and highs and lows, but overall I just really wanna make art that I’m proud of and that’s hopefully impactful. That has and will always be my number 1 priority.

Fans associate your music with female empowerment and self love. What other themes/ideas inspire you when you’re creating music?

People inspire me. Lyrics are the most important part of a song in my opinion and I like my lyrics to be conversational, so I get so many ideas from conversations. Humans are fascinating- we are all so different but then there are these patterns and little things that connect us. Hearing people tell stories and talk about love and relationships and life is the best. I draw so much from those interactions. I have so much to learn and I’m still really young so it’s great to listen and observe. 

What is one thing you want listeners to learn about you through your music? And what personal messages do you want them to take away?

I hate this perception or idea that artists sit on this like unattainable thrown of perfection. Like nah, I’m just like you…  I’m out here figuring this shit out and going through it just like you. If I could ask for anything or hope for anything, it’s that my fans or anybody listening sees themselves in my music. On a side note, the music I grew up listening to and the artists I love, move me and make me feel all kinds of emotion. Being able to find the words and express a feeling or experience for someone is a really beautiful thing. 

How do you make sure the work you put out is authentic to who you are as an artist?

When I first started writing, I could just write about anything even if it wasn’t personal to me, probably because I really didn’t have much experience. But as I’ve gotten older,  I find it really difficult to write about anything that I haven’t lived through or am not currently experiencing. I think my work is always coming from an authentic place because it’s created straight from something I’m going through. I also try to block out too many opinions from other people. I know internally pretty much straight away if something is special. there are a few key people I would take advice from, but I always know. I would encourage any creator to trust yourself. You out of anyone know the difference between something real and raw, as opposed to some bullshit. 

What is a career goal you would love to achieve, and what steps are you taking to get there?

Grammys, Arenas, stadiums, of course, but again mostly just continuing to make music and art that I’m proud of. I plan on getting there by staying consistent, and not being afraid to take risks and doing me.

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