Get to Know Faouzia

The sky is the limit for this rising vocalist!

Faouzia Ouihya has been on our radar for MONTHS! And with her newly released acoustic EP Stripped , we felt there was no better time to chat with the rising Canadian singer-songstress about her music and so much more! Check out Faouzia’s exclusive interview with Tonight Mag below.

Have you learned anything new to keep you occupied during quarantine? 

I learned how to comp my vocals during quarantine! Usually I would have an engineer in the room with me so I never got to learn how to do it myself until quarantine hit! 

Watching you blow up the past year has been so crazy! How has the transition been for you?

This past year has been filled with so many crazy surprises but I truly do think it’s only the beginning! There is so much more that I want to do and I haven’t yet released my first album so I can’t wait to release more music as more people continue to follow my journey.


legend has it she’s still banging on walls one year later… :p #foryou #singing

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Your debut acoustic EP ​Stripped was recently released. From the tracklist, which song were you originally the most excited to sing acoustically? 

I think the one I was most excited to sing acoustically would have to be Tears of Gold since I think the song takes up a whole different vibe and meaning when it’s slowed down. In the sped up version it is filled with a lot more anger and sounds a little more aggressive whereas when I sing it acoustically, it comes off a lot more vulnerable and the heartbreak feeling comes out a lot more.

What inspires you the most when you’re writing in studio sessions? 

What inspires me the most are really strong concepts that either I have lived through or I see someone else going through! As soon as I know what I’m writing about, the melodies and lyrics come a lot faster! With Tears of Gold, once I had the title in mind, I was able to write the song so quickly.

Which song off the track list are you the most excited for fans to hear? 

I am most excited for everyone to hear 100 Bandaids since that is the only one that wasn’t fully released on YouTube previous to the EP release!

We love the emotion in ​How It All Works Out– you have such a powerful voice! Can you please talk about the inspiration behind the song and how it came to be? 

Thank you so much! 🙂 Growing up (and still to this day) I always made the mistake of worrying about things that could go wrong instead of living in the moment. This song is kind of me teasing myself about how although I am trying to live in the moment, I am already thinking about any possible negative outcome. But I am learning to live more in the moment!

Which song of yours are you the most excited to perform live in the future? 

To be honest, all the unreleased tracks that no one has heard yet 🙂 From the ones that are already out, I can’t wait to perform How It All Works Out because I feel like it would be so much fun having the crowd sing along! 

What is one major goal you hope to achieve in your career? 

I think my next goal would be to have a single hit the Top 100 Billboard charts! 

How do you make sure the work you put out as an artist is authentic to who you are?

Whenever I finish writing a song, I make sure to listen to it afterwards and see if it still has that certain “magic” to me! If the magic fades, it makes me realize it probably wasn’t authentic to me!

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