With voices sent straight from heaven, We Three is a trio to keep an eye on!

The band’s latest album “Dear Paranoia, Sincerely Me” hits home. Showcasing their dynamic vocal and musical skills, it’s close to perfection. With such relatable music, We Three is a must add to any playlist. These siblings have come a long way since their debut on America’s Got Talent, and we can’t wait to see what new heights they reach! The band took a moment to speak with Tonight Mag about their new music, quarantine, and more!

How have you kept busy during quarantine?
“With our European tour being canceled earlier this year and so many plans being put on hold due to COVID, we started out quarantine being sent home from Germany. We had the plan to release our new album, Dear PARANOIA, Sincerely ME  and decided to keep the release date of May 1st. During this time it’s hard to know what the best decision is in terms of releases since we wouldn’t be able to tour the record. In the end we really wanted our fans to have this music as soon as possible. This all lead to us getting really creative and trying to make these virtual shows the best they could be. It’s pushed us creatively which is always a good thing.  Since then we’ve ended up dropping two music videos, continued doing the virtual shows, staying connected with our fans by doing things like virtual coffee dates, and writing hand written lyrics and notes. We’ve enjoyed continuing to stay in contact with everyone.”

Congrats on Hold Me Baby! What was the filming process like?

“Such a fun shoot! Definitely our favorite video we’ve put our so far. The crew was amazing…we shot this video during the pandemic so our crew was very small and made sure everything was COVID safe. Coming up with the creatives for this video we’re so much fun. It was unlike anything we’d done before. The way the two visual elements of the romantic, rebellious love shots, and the band shots came together made us insanely happy.”

How have you seen your fans connect with your music…specifically virtually?

“Seeing how the fans connect with the music is one of the most special things to us. It’s been unexpected. We didn’t know until talking to some of them in the virtual coffee dates how much our insta lives, virtual concerts, and new music content really has meant to them during this time. Many of them have said that some weeks in isolation have been so hard and that the virtual shows and basically everything we’ve been putting out has meant more then ever. Some have said it’s the thing they would look forward to and push to. The highlight of their week at times. Hearing that means so much to us and gives us the drive to keep pushing even when things are so tough and uncertain.”


Didn’t mean to predict the future with our song mid july #midjuly #summer2020 #wethree #wethreemusic

♬ Mid July – wethreemusic

Which song/songs do you resonate most with in the new album and why?

“That’s a tough one – It’s kind of like choosing a favorite child… Songs like Half Hearted hit so close to home at times and are so relatable. Like when you’re at that point of exhaustion in a fight with someone you love. But then there are songs like Hold Me Baby which are just so much fun and such a release to play live!

Whose experiences do you draw most from when writing songs?

“Mainly personal experiences. There are definitely songs we’ve put out where I’m story telling and writing from someone else’s perspective but the large majority of the song come from a very honest personal place.”

As fast growing artists, what is a goal you hope to accomplish and how do you plan to achieve it? 

“Our main long term goals are to continue to make music that connects and inspires people. We also love pushing the limits of our own physical and creative abilities. Short term though it’s really to be as creative as possible during this pandemic. We’d love to get back out on the road and finish our European tour and then head through the US again but until then there’s no way we’re going to slow down. In short, fans will have more music and some exciting surprises sooner than they think.”

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