Spencer Crandall’s Top 10 Tonight

Spencer Crandall talks aliens, pick up lines, and podcasts.

Spencer Crandall’s new EP, North, is out TODAY! What better way to celebrate than getting to know the artist through a series of random questions? And don’t forget to listen while you read! Click here to listen now!

Most prized possession?

My phone

Corniest pick up line?

Oh god! I’m not a pickup line guy! I will go up to somebody with a good move. [One] that I have used before is at a party I’ll go up shoulder to shoulder with somebody and be like “what do you think that guy’s thinking right there?” and just start like a weird conversation and I can tell right away if they’re weird like me. They’ll be like “oh [that guy] is definitely a serial killer and we’ll go into a fun conversation but if they look at me weird I’ll be like “cool, cool, see ya!” If they’re as weird as I am, they’ll say something weird! Which is great! 

Advice you would give your 10 year old self?

Don’t worry about it, whatever it is, you’re good

Binge-worthy podcast?

Armchair Expert by Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman. It’s my jam

First celebrity crush?

Julian Huff

What household chore do you actually enjoy doing?

The dishes! I get into a trance. Cleaning and stuff then I put it away, it’s very cathartic

What could you stay up all night talking about?

Spirituality, religion, aliens, any of that really meta weird. Any like why are we here where do we come from stuff! I love that 

What is a conspiracy theory you believe in?

Carol Baskin killed her husband 100%!

If you could own a mythical creature, what would it be?

Appa the flying bison from Avatar the Last Airbender

How long could you last without technology?

Not super long because it’s my job. But I think if I wasn’t [an artist] I would love not being on my phone. I am really happy when I’m not on my phone

Be sure to listen to the new EP HERE, and to learn more about Spencer Crandall check out Tonight Mag’s interview with him HERE.