Jake Scott Does It Like No One Does

With a new song release every month, it’s no secret that singer/songwriter Jake Scott knows how to hustle.

Having a few hits under his belt already, it truly is nothing but up for this talented artist. His latest release ‘CWJBHN‘ with Josie Dunne gets a chef’s kiss. His heartwarming lyrics have us dreaming of sweet summer love. Jake took a moment to speak with Tonight Mag about his latest release and more! Get to know the artist below.

How have you kept busy during quarantine?

Luckily quarantine has had 3 stages for me. The first two weeks were just a big vacation. Everyone was like, yes this is fun! Let’s watch movies, eat and drink and do whatever we want! Then there was this second wave where we were like, okay we’re going to be in here for a while… we can’t do this every single day or else we’ll go crazy. So there was this huge purge cycle of I’m never drinking again, I’m never eating a carb again and I’m going to work out every day. Then you reach the third phase where there’s balance. What’s kept me busy is a lot of work. My studio is here at home in our backyard. I’ve been able to keep working as normally as possible. It’s been good! 

Congrats on your latest release ‘CWJBHN’ with Josie Dunne! What was it like collaborating with Josie, especially during quarantine? 

Josie is amazing! The collaboration process during quarantine is interesting. A lot of times when you’re working in different cities you have to rely a lot on the internet, and we had to rely on it so much more. Typically if we were going to work on the song together I would fly to Nashville, and we would get into a studio and do it. But that wasn’t an option. I asked her if she had a buddy in Nashville who she trusts. So I hopped on zoom to just be there. I produced this song, so I wanted it to be a certain way. It was really interesting doing vocal production over zoom but it worked surprisingly well.

How have you seen yourself grow as an artist when reflecting on your immense success with past releases such as “Favorite T-Shirt’ & ‘Tuesdays’ etc. 

I started doing this monthly release project in January 2018. I think the whole process has been a long growing experience of not only figuring out my voice as an artist, who I am, and what kind of music I like to make, but also gives me the ability to take big risks and explore territories. I can take the pressure off and go take a big swing in a different direction to see how it goes. Doing it that way kinda led to me being able to write a song like ‘Favorite T-Shirt.’ I started with ‘Tuesdays.’ It’s always been like a North Star for me. But ‘Tuesdays’ and ‘Favorite T-Shirt’ are on very different ends of the spectrum as far as genre goes. I think being able to have the low pressure of being able to explore and have fun as an artist and see what comes out of me. If it doesn’t work out, it’s fine! I’ll release another song next month and be right back to it. I’ve grown a ton as an artist between those two songs and from those two songs. I think those two songs will continue to serve as a guiding light as I keep writing and moving forward because they sound really authentic to me even though they showcase two different ends of the spectrum. Those songs have definitely opened a lot of doors for me and i’m definitely grateful for them. 

Word on the street is that you’re continuing to release music every month, can you speak more about what that’s like, and your inspiration behind it?

I got into the music industry off of an album I had written for myself, and then unintentionally got into the career for being a songwriter for other people. I loved doing that, but I got a couple years into I realized that’s not what I necessarily want to do. Doing that gave me the ability to see a lot of mistakes that some artists made that I was working with. By far, the number one mistake everyone was making was that they were waiting too long. If you believe in it, put it out! It gives you time to move onto the next one, but that song exists. I always wanted it to be up to a certain standard. If i thought the song was terrible, I’m not going to put out the song. It really pushed me as a creator to put a deadline on myself because I promised my fan base that I’m doing a song every month, and now they are expecting that. It puts a healthy fire under me to keep working. When you’re doing it that way, it does take some of the pressure off of every song because you’re not putting your eggs into one basket. The inspiration has been the freedom of doing it this way. 


Learning To Love You means more to me than anything I’ve ever written #LearningToLoveYou Let me hear your #acousticcovers of LTLY!

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Do you find it difficult to have a monthly deadline on new music?

It’s a ton of work! I won’t lie to you. There have been months where I’ll look at the calendar and say, “I don’t know if I’m going to pull this off.” It’s been really good though because it takes away the moment where I can get in my own way of overthinking. At a certain point it just has to be good enough. It’s blown me away sometimes the songs that get some of the best responses are the ones I felt were the most incomplete. It’s taught me a lot about not being so precious. You have to be precious to a certain standpoint because as an artist these songs mean so much to me but you can be so precious if you get in your own way where you analyze an overthink. This way, has cost me a lot of sleepless nights but it has helped me let go in a healthy way. 

As a fast growing artist, what is a goal you hope to accomplish, and how do you plan on achieving it?

It has always been a dream of mine to play in a sold out arena. That’s a huge goal of mine. How do I plan on accomplishing it? I guess I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, and I think that hard work is part of it. I think it comes down to whose going to work hard. That’s all I can control. If I work hard, hopefully everything falls into place. 

Your music video for “Like No One Does” is so much fun! What was the original plan for the video? What was it like filming with your wife?

Thank you! That was right when quarantine happened, like the day. We were like, “yeah, yeah, let’s plan this music video shoot next week.” Literally that night they were like, hey the world is shutting down. We were like, “so how are we going to do this?” It was actually Rachel’s idea! She was like, “what if we do it on our iPhones and do it at home?” We had all of these big ideas of going into a big studio with a big choreographed dance. Obviously that would feel weird in our living room. So we thought why not make it kinda causal. The song is very much about living your every day life, and it feels personal. So why don’t we make the video personal. That was honestly so fun and so fun doing that with Rachel because we got to be goofy. We did it all on an iPhone. Neither of us are dancers, but it was really fun to do the choreographed thing and we loved it! I got really lucky that she’s an actress, so she can play my love interest in the videos. 

How have you seen your fans connect with your music, especially during a time where you can’t see them live? 

It’s been interesting because I had a tour this spring that ended March 1st and everything locked down two weeks later. Live streams were really helpful during the first few months of quarantine to stay connected and have that experience to perform for fans and interact with me in the moment. It’s definitely not the same! It was good and embracing that platform was fun to explore. I think because I’ve stayed committed to the monthly release strategy I had the luxury of continuing to make music. Its been really fun to see how people have jumped on board even during this time. I’ve started quarantine with a certain amount of monthly listeners on Spotify, and it’s getting close to doubling since quarantine, so that’s been really fun to keep trying to put as much content as i can. 

Anything you would like to add? 

 Go listen to the new song with Josie Dunne Can We Just Be Happy Now! 

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