Falling ‘Over and Over’ Again for Riley Clemmons

Get to know the songstress!

We’ve been loving ‘Over and Over‘ and can’t get the song out of our heads! Clemmons’ powerful vocals, strong faith, and hopeful lyrics are one of many reasons we’ve fallen in love with her music. This ray of sunshine chatted with Tonight Mag about her collab with Country princess Lauren Alaina, goals for the future, and what inspires her to write.

What have you been doing to past time during quarentine? Have any new hobbies been keeping you busy?

Writing… so much writing. Also, lots of cooking, working out, painting, home projects… and watching skincare videos on YouTube!

We’re loving ‘Over and Over’! Can you speak more about the process of the song and what it means to you?

Thank you! I walked into the studio with the title “Over and Over,” and I knew I wanted to capture the feeling of awe and gratitude when it comes to experiencing a powerful unconditional love. This song has definitely taken on a new meaning over the last few months. There’s so much power in forgiveness, grace, and love… especially in challenging times.

How was working with Lauren Alaina on ‘Over and Over’?

Genuinely so incredible … She’s amazingly talented and amazingly kind. She brought so much individuality and emotion to this song. Her vocal definitely brings new life to these lyrics.

Have you seen any fun ways your fans have connected with your music, especially during a time where you can’t see them live?

I’ve seen so many covers over the last few weeks! I love watching the fans connect to the music and make it their own. It’s been so incredible to have those connections over social media.

In what ways have you seen yourself grow as an artist within the past few years?

Honestly, listening back to the music throughout the past few years, I can trace the different ups and downs through the lyrics and melodies. I can see how my interpretation of it all has changed as I’ve developed as an artist. More life, more experience, more writing … I can see the growth through it all.

Who or what inspires you the most when songwriting/performing?

The writing is almost always inspired but whatever I’m experiencing at the moment… whatever life throws my way. I also pull a lot of inspiration from the people in my life, as well. When performing the songs, I really do make it a goal to translate the lyric/ melody/ energy of the song into the actual performance.

What song from your discography do you resonate the most with and why?

It changes all the time. Today it’s a song I wrote for my last record called “I’ll Stay.” Over the past few months the lyrics have been a comfort. When there’s nothing left to say or do, I believe simply staying by the people you love is the most powerful thing in the world.

What is one thing you want fans and listeners to take away from your music?

You are never alone, and there is always hope.


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What is one goal you hope to achieve at any point in your career?

Meeting either Stevie Wonder or Dolly Parton!

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