Mikey Wax reminds us about staying together

Singer songwriter Mikey Wax just dropped a single and we are living for it!

Listening to singer songwriter Mikey Wax never fails to put a smile on your face. He’s a staple, and we are so excited to hear his latest release “Stay Together.” It’s relatable, catchy, and perfect for the times we are in now. We can’t wait to hear what else he has in store. This New York native took a moment to speak with Tonight Mag about what he’s been up to, his latest release, and more! Get to know Mikey below!

How have you kept busy during quarantine? 

“Music, especially writing music, has always been an escape for me and a way to express all my bottled emotions. At first the pandemic gave me writer’s block, because I wasn’t ready to escape the sorrows of the real world or write about it. However, once I forced myself to start writing again, I immediately remembered how there is no greater freedom than the freedom of creativity. The pandemic has us all trapped, and I am so thankful to have the outlet of writing music.”

How have you seen your fans connect with your music, especially during a time where you can’t see them live?

“I’ve been staying in touch with fans via Instagram live, just hanging out with fans online and playing a few online shows.  Trying to keep the music alive while we’re all stuck at home. Music has and will always be a part of being human so anyway we can connect with one another can suffice.”

Who or what inspires your songwriting process?

“I think songwriting is an ever growing, cumulative process. Any experience or feeling that hits deep enough goes into a bottle, and you can use them and pick them out as you need. I can still write songs about a break up I had 15 years ago, or about something that happened today, or a story that I made up in my head based on emotions that I’ve felt. It all gets thrown together.”

We are loving your new release “Stay Together.” Can you speak more about it?

“I was originally inspired to write “Stay Together” by the shared reality of everyone in the world being quarantined at the same time. Then, with the death of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter movement, I realized just how much divide there really is in this world, and how important it is for everyone to come together. Since quarantine, I’ve reconnected with several people I had lost touch with and I’m learning more about our human history and about bettering society. The idea of staying together even though at times it’s going to be difficult and a learning process, that really impacted me.”

What was it like collaborating with Renata Baiocco?

“Renata is the best. We’ve worked together before making music for her band MIDLO. She’s become a good friend and her voice is so beautiful.”

Have you seen yourself grow as an artist when reflecting on past releases compared to this new one?

“100%. I feel that like with most professions the more you do it the more comfortable you become in your own skin.”

As a growing artist, what is a goal you hope to accomplish, and how do you plan on achieving it?

“Since I was a kid, music has always first and foremost been about achieving some kind of inner peace in myself, and I hope that peace and self-reflection and honesty can reach others too. When I get messages from people saying my song has helped them, or was a significant part of some life experience, the compliment is so strong that I often don’t even know how to properly respond in a way that shows how flattered and humbled I truly am.”

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Photo Credits: Justin Steele & Cameron Rad