Just our luck – an Interview with Marc E. Bassy

It’s clear there’s no stopping this music mogul!

PMD (Deluxe) released earlier this year, and it’s an album we can’t get enough of. It’s fresh, and stays true to the sound and energy of this beloved artist. Definitely a must add to your summertime playlist now! Creating and managing his own label is no small feat, and we love what he’s done with it. The Bay Area native took a moment to speak with Tonight Mag regarding his new album, and what he’s been up to. Get to know Marc E. Bassy below!

How have you kept busy during quarantine? 

“Since I have to postpone the end of my tour, I’ve had some time to go home and spend some quality time with the family. I also spent a lot of time reconnecting with my team and working on a ton of music.”


Is this already a whole ass song cause I could make it one….#dontgooutside #stayinperiod #boredathome

♬ original sound – marcebassyofficial

You’ve used your platform to speak up for the Black Lives Matter movement in light of recent events. What are ways you and your followers can continue to support and advocate for the movement? 

There are multiple ways to be involved from protesting, sharing information, donating, signing petitions and even having difficult conversations with those around you.

How have you seen your fans connect with your music, especially during a time where you can’t see them live? 

I was featured on two singles during quarantine and the responses have been amazing but overall streams have been down because everyone has been focused on other things like family and their health. Now that things have calmed down we have started to see more music being released but live shows are still up in the air.

Bay Area music has a very specific sound, how do you incorporate or let it influence your own music? 

We try to incorporate the bay area sound in multiple ways whether it’s how the drum slap, a sample, or even working with other artists from the area. The Bay will always play a role in my music.

Your latest album ‘PMD’ works with various producers and songwriters. What was it like collaborating with so many creative minds, and how did you make sure you were able to be authentic to who you are as an artist? 

Everyone that worked on this project I’m really close with, so working together can be a pleasure or a curse. We all take pride in the work we produce which at times can stall us on getting things done. However I realized recently that it’s better to have it that way and really flush out ideas to the fullest which helps create our most authentic music to us.

What song from your latest album or past releases do you resonate the most with and why? 

“The song I resonated with the most would have to be Where We’re From because it was something special for Me, Count Bassy and Nic Nac because this was a new journey and it all started from us recording in his back house.

Check out Marc E. Bassy’s latest release now! We can’t wait to see him live once touring picks back up. Stay up to date on all things Marc E. Bassy by following him on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and his website.