Top 10 Tonight with Larkins

Get to know indie band Larkins below!

Top 10 Tonight questions are meant to be answered with the first thing that comes to mind.

What are you doing more of under quarantine?

Cooking! I’ve mastered beef stroganoff

What TV show are you binge watching?

Finished all 9 seasons of suits

Dream collab artist?

Bon Iver

Favorite pickup line?

Are you French? coz Eiffel for you

Would you rather be able to freeze time or travel in time?

Travel in time

What’s your screensaver?

A photo of a weird tree I took in L.A.

Would you rather never have to do dishes or never have to do laundry?

Dishes, I hate doing the dishes

Whats the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?


If you had to wait in a four hour line, what would it be for?

The maddest rollercoaster in the world

How many times do you hit snooze?

4 or 5

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