Everyday Again with Animals in the Attic

Tune in with California natives, Animals in the Attic!

Check out Indie blend band Animals in the Attic, and what fun plans they have in store! Their music is perfect for a chill weekend and will have you feeling like you’re lounging beachside with a drink in hand. Get to know the band, and guitarist / vocalist Spencer Rakela below.

How are you keeping busy during quarantine? Any new hobbies you’ve picked up? 

I haven’t picked up any hobbies but it’s narrowed down my daily hobbies. It’s given me the opportunity to really zone in on creating new music. I’m currently working on recording a Beach Boys cover. I’m also in the process of making my first solo album, which will also be released under the name Animals in the Attic. The only difference is it will all be written and produced by me instead of the full band.

Congratulations on your recent release of “P.O.T.S.” and “Everyday Again!” What’s the story and inspiration behind them?

I wrote Everyday Again 3 years ago while living in Portland and being in a long distance relationship. P.O.T.S. aka Parked on the Street is about seeing a loved one you haven’t seen for a long time. They’re both very jazz influenced; lots of jazzy chords in there. 

How have you seen your fans connect with your music when you can’t connect with them live? 

During quarantine I decided to announce selling our shirts with a free CD of our second album and a free download link of our first album. We sold out of almost all of the shirts in 48 hours. I couldn’t believe it! People are being so supportive in this time, plus online shopping is popping off. 

Photo Courtesy of Edden Amber

When did you realize you wanted to pursue music, and what was your journey to get to where you are now? 

I decided it as a very young child. My parents were musicians growing up and so I was always surrounded by it. I’ve decided to follow a childhood dream all the way through no matter what. It’s the only thing I do that never feels like wasting time. I love writing songs, I love connecting with people through live shows, and I love finding ways to get our music exposed to new people.

As you grow as an artist, what is the top goal you hope to accomplish? How do you plan to achieve it? 

I want to make a living off of doing what I love. I plan to achieve it by continuing to make content that I love, continuing to play shows, continuing to connect with people and continuing to improve myself.


Which artists have influenced and inspired your music? 

Oh man, so many. I think the best thing to do for this question is make a list: The Beatles, The Avett Brothers, Mac Demarco, Father John Misty, Toro Y Moi, Youth Lagoon, Real Estate, Beach Fossils, The Growlers, Beach Boys and so many more.

When can we expect to hear new music from you? 

New song out May 15th! One song a month will be  released until I have the whole next album ready.

Check out their new song today! We are so excited to see what else Animals in the Attic has in store. Stay up to date on everything Animals in the Attic by following them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and checking out their website!