Laine Hardy Shares The Ground He Grew Up On

Get to know American Idol’s Season 17 winner below!

Laine Hardy isn’t skipping a beat since his season 17 win of American Idol! This down to earth Country Artist recently released a heartfelt tune inviting fans to learn a little more about his old stomping grounds.

This artist is still keeping busy just like the rest of us! Laine shared that he has been spending his time under quarantine much like the rest of us, “I’ve been doing stuff around the house! I’ve been doing random things, hanging out with my friends, fishing, riding the boat around, spending time with family, that’s basically all.” Laine is also using this time to be productive and pursue his musical passion, “I’ve been getting inspiration for song ideas too!” We can’t wait to hear what he is coming up with!

With concerts on pause, Laine is making sure he is staying connected with his loyal fans. He stays plugged in with them, “on Instagram and Facebook! [Fans] will mention me on stories, and give awesome feedback that they like my music too.” He also elaborated on his experience virtual touring. “I like doing the virtual tour thing and I get to talk to my fans. My virtual tour has been really fun! Since we can’t go out on the road, we get to do this virtual thing with the fans. At first it was a little weird and different! I didn’t know how to do it, but it was pretty cool that I get to communicate with my fans and connect with them in that way. I like playing my songs to them!” 

Laine Hardy Key Art Credit Robby Klein HR

Winning American Idol is no small feat! We asked Laine what he learned and how he is going to use that in the future as an artist. Laine said, “my experience on American Idol was really helpful and prepared me for what to expect after the show was over. The experience helped me learn a lot on how to be patient, never give up, don’t change, be who you are as an artist, be authentic to who you are and in what got you there.” This is a great foundation to take into his future endeavors.

It’s no secret Laine has made quite a name for himself in the music industry. He expressed his goals with Tonight Mag. “My top goal is to just keep releasing music out to the fans and cool things that I like to sing and things I like to play. But my top goal is to release some albums in the future and release them – I’m going to be slow and steady with it- to make sure it’s all right. Eventually we are going to release an album in the distant future!”

We wanted to hear about how this newer star acclimated to recording professionally in a studio. Laine recalled, “we started working with Michael Knox, [Jason Aldean’s producer] and when we got into the studio, it was pretty cool! I got to see all the things that go on and the processes of recording and Michael Knox is an awesome guy! Really simple and easy to work with. It was the greatest first studio experience I’ve had and I’m really happy for the outcome and I can’t wait to do it again.”

“Ground I Grew Up On” brings fans into Laine’s world. He expanded on his experience recording his first music video. “Recording ‘Ground I Grew Up On” was really cool! It was my first music video and the day of, it started early and I didn’t know what to expect! I’ve never shot an official music video. Once we got into it, it was pretty cool, it was a lot of fun, I had a lot of fun doing it. I’m ready to do some more! There was some direction and ideas and options on what we could do and places we could go. I had a say in some cool things like let’s go to this place! My favorite part was going on the river on the boats and I get to show people what I do here. We shot all around my hometown and house. I wanted to show my fans what I do and the ground I grew up on. At first I was kinda nervous because I didn’t know how it was going to work but once I got the gist of it, it was pretty cool and easy. We shot all of that in one day. I’m excited to do it again soon.”

Laine sweetly added, I’d like to say I’m really thankful for my fans out there for getting me where I am. The music video is on YouTube, you can watch it. I released “Ground I Grew Up On” with a song behind it “Let There Be Country” and you can go listen to that on everything. I love those songs and I love playing them too, live.”

We are so excited to hear more from Laine Hardy in the distant future! Stay up to date on everything Laine Hardy by following him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and checking out his website.