Temecula Road’s California Roots

Learn all about the band’s journey and how they plan to achieve their musical dream!

Not even a quarantine can hold back Temecula Road. In a time where it feels like the world has come to a halt, Emma, Maddie, and Dawson are busier than ever. This bubbly band took time to talk with Tonight Mag!

“We’ve been doing a lot of reading and personal stuff but group wise we’ve been doing so many covers and a lot of TikTok stuff!” says Emma. “Lots of live streams and trying to do as much as we can to stay interactive with fans and friends through social media,” tells Dawson. Maddie says “it’s been one thing after another!” “Some of the days we’re busier than our normal lives, which is crazy!” Dawson shares.


Growing up, country music played a big role in each of their lives. The group gave some details on how it led to them coming together to form Temecula road.

Emma let us know, “Maddie and I are sisters” – “I didn’t know!” Maddie jokes. Emma tells Tonight Mag after a (most likely loving) eye roll to her sister, “Our parents had CMT on the TV all the time  and on the radio so that was like all we listened to.” “I was obsessed with Carrie Underwood on her season of American Idol,” Maddie says, “I remember telling my mom ‘I want to be like Carrie when I grow up.’ To this day she’s still my biggest role model and inspiration in music.”

Dawson shares, “I’m from North Carolina so [country music has] kind of always been in my blood. I grew up listening to Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw. I moved to Temecula when I was nine and met [Maddie and Emma] pretty soon after that. I’ve been playing guitar since I was ten and they’ve been singing since they were like three. We’ve always just been kinda musical so when we came together it was a natural fit. We probably spent more time being friends than doing music in the beginning and then it just naturally progressed and one day we were like ‘maybe we should think about doing this for real.’ Thankfully everything worked out like it did because we are having the time of our lives.”

Photo credit John Shearer

California country music definitely has its own sound. Tonight Mag asked how Temecula Road’s California roots are being incorporated into their music.

Emma tells, “Our grandparents are actually from Oklahoma so we have country roots also but we also grew up going to the beach. There’s just a California sound between the harmonies” “and the writing!” Dawson exclaims. “One of the things we stay away from is singing about red dirt roads and tailgate trucks because we didn’t grow up like that. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not genuine to who we are,” he explains. 

Genuine songwriting is clearly important to the band. We wanted to know whose experiences are written about the most.

“It’s probably split equally. We are all kinda the same age and place with love and heartbreak and stuff like that,” says Emma. “When I write something I’ll have [Maddie and Emma] in mind. We’ve only known each other for about six years but even then sometimes I’ll think about what they have gone through,” Dawson tells. Emma shares, “[Dawson’s] [writing style] about finding love, and ours are about heartbreak.”

With many California Country artists getting more popular, we asked if there were any in particular the group looks to for inspiration.

“Definitely The Eagles” says Emma. Maddie shares her prominent inspiration, “Brett Young.” “Tyler [Rich] has been a very good friend to us. He’s taken us out on the road a couple times which has been really really fun,” says Dawson. 

Photo credit John Shearer

Last November Temecula Road made their Grand Ol’ Opry debut! They gave us some insight on the experience.

“That was the best day of our career,” exclaims Emma, “We had 90 family members and every person from our team backstage at The Ryman.” Dawson elaborates, “The first time we played was at The Ryman and the second time was at The Opry. The second time at the Opry was cool because it was the second time playing an Opry show but the first time at the Opry house!” “It was like two debuts because it was our first time stepping into the circle which was really cool,” says Maddie. 

As if playing the Opry wasn’t enough, Dawson, Maddie, and Emma are planning even bigger goals for the group.

“[We want to play] the Opry again and tour as much as possible. And we have a release planned so hopefully we send one of those to radio,” says Emma. “I agree with the radio thing,” says Dawson, “we would love to be on the radio and have a career like that and tour with incredible artists.” “We all want number one songs and headlining a tour one day,” says Maddie. 

Temecula Road’s acoustic version of their song “Fades” is out today! Give it a listen HERE. We’re already looking forward to more new music!

“We are releasing more acoustic songs in the next couple months but we have more brand new original songs coming soon, we have some that are already cut and ready to go,” says Maddie. “And we are doing a tour right now called ‘The Temecula Road off the Road Tour’ basically where we are inviting guests alone or on live stream,” says Dawson. 

Big things are coming up for Temecula Road! We can’t wait to hear more new music from them in the future. Stay up to date on everything Temecula Road by following them on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and checking out their website. And don’t forget to check out the new acoustic release, “Fades!”