Jordan Davis Brings Trouble Town to Sacramento

Jordan Davis threw back a little tequila at this sold out show!

There is no doubt that country music artist Jordan Davis is beloved by his fans. The sold out show swept Sacramento off of its feet. Loyal fans lined up early to ensure a good spot at the Ace of Spades venue. Concert goers buzzed around the venue with beers in hand and a smile patiently awaiting for the show to begin.

When opener Hailey Whitters strutted on stage, the crowd cheered excitedly for her set. She captivated the audience with her beautiful voice. Her talent shined through when she picked up her guitar to strum along to her songs. While playing, Hailey walked over to her lead guitarist and they played flawlessly together. This sweet artist showed how much she cares, and thanked Sacramento. Her set left the crowd with excited anticipation for Jordan Davis to step on stage.


Once the lights dimmed indicating the beginning of Jordan’s performance, fans cheered wildly, welcoming him on stage. In the background, Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ blasted through the speakers. This was the moment everyone was waiting for! Not wasting any time, Jordan and his band ran on stage to their places. The crowd roared in excitement and matched the energy on stage. Without missing a beat, Jordan hopped right into ‘Trouble Town.’ This set the tone for the night while keeping boots dancing around and the crowd singing happily along to each song.


Jordan Davis is a vocal powerhouse. He sang and played each song flawlessly, and he looked like he was having the time of his life doing it. The lights set up on stage enhanced the performance as well.

After a few songs, the artist paused to speak with everyone. He exclaimed that he, “loved playing in the great state of California!” The crowd cheered at the compliment. This talented artist went on to introduce the band members who help his songs come alive. They all work so well together, and the musical chemistry they have as a team is evident in the flawless performance they put on. Moving the show along, Jordan took a shot of tequila on stage for a little pregame intro to his beloved song ‘Little Lime.’

Mixed in the set, Jordan sang covers of popular songs such as ‘Castle on a Hill’ ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘People Are Crazy.’ It’s always great to hear artists branch out and play other popular hits!


Due to the recent tragedy struck by Nashville, Tennessee, Jordan Davis and the Ace of Spades Venue decided to give the proceeds from merch to help the city. This selfless act reminds us that Jordan cares for people and this special city so near and dear to him. Our hearts and thoughts are with Nashville.

As the night came to a close, Jordan invited Hailey Whittier back on stage to sing the duet for the hit song ‘Cool Anymore.’ They both sang together beautifully while making the song come alive. Jordan ended the night with his smash hit ‘Singles You Up’ that left everyone wishing the night could keep going.

Jordan Davis put on quite a show in Sacramento. He did not disappoint this excited city. There is no doubting this artist’s talent and the heights he will go in the music world. We are excited to see him back in Sacramento soon. Check out his website to stay up to date with Jordan Davis! There is still time to see him on tour as well! Don’t forget to like and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter!

Written By: Beatriz Carias

Photography By: Daria Hoffmann