Make It a Habit to See Tove Lo Live

Tove Lo took San Fransisco by full force on her ‘Sunshine Kitty’ Tour.

Excited fans milled around the Masonic in San Francisco anticipating a fantastic show by Tove Lo. This sold out venue was packed with fans dressed in colorful outfits ready for an energetic performance. She did not disappoint. As the lights dimmed, fans surged forward and cheered wildly for Tove Lo to step onstage. All eyes were on her as she captivated the audience with her magnetizing presence. Quickly diving into her set list, Tove Lo opened with ‘Glad He’s Gone’ that set the mood for the night.


After a few songs, Tove Lo paused to interact with the crowd. She exclaimed, “my food is broken but my spirit is not!” Despite an injury, the talented artist gave her all for her fans. She looked flawless doing it. Her cast did not hold her back from giving San Francisco a night to remember. Throughout the night, Tove Lo strutted around stage, danced as much as she could, and waved a bra in the air. During one song, she even flashed the crowd!

There is no doubt Tove Lo was meant to perform on stage. She sang the whole night flawlessly. Her gratefulness to sing for the city was felt all around, especially whens she thanked the San Francisco for supporting her since day one. Fans new and old sang along to this artists hits, and smiles were seen all around. While playing hits like ‘Cool Girl,’ and ‘Talking Body’ she asked the crow to dance, get low, jump, and wave their arms in the air. She created such a fun interactive night for the audience.


Taking a step back, Tove Lo brought out a keyboard to sing ‘Moments.’ She stood with the audience explaining that her and her team have worked hard since October to make sure that everything was perfect for her tour here. She cheekily said, “but it can’t be too perfect so I’m going to play one by myself. If I f*ck up, it’s charming.”  It is always a special moment between artists and fans when a singer takes the time to talk with the crowd, genuinely thank them, and explain the history or meaning of a song. Tove Lo’s ability to do this throughout the night and connect with her audience was truly captivating.

After singing ‘Out of my Mind’ Tove Lo thanked the crowd and stepped off stage. No one was ready for the night to end and the crowd surged with energy when she stepped back on her encore. She ended the night with her smash hits ‘Sweetalk my Heart,’ ‘Habits (Stay High),’ and ‘Bikini Porn.’ The vocal range she has is truly astounding and mesmerizing. Tove Lo gave San Fransisco her all that night, and she did not disappoint. Her carefree confidence filled the venue and will be missed in San Francisco. We hope to see her back very soon!


Tove Lo’s music never fails to energize any space it plays. Her talent truly knows no bounds, and we are excited to see where her musical career takes her in the future. There’s still time to see her live! Keep up with Tove Lo on her website. Find her tour dates here! Don’t forget to follow Tove Lo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.