Before Tonight’s Show With Country Artist Logan Mize

Tonight Magazine had the opportunity to chat in person with Country Music Singer Songwriter Logan Mize.

Before Tonight’s show, Logan Mize chatted with Tonight Magazine and opened up about himself and his musical career. He has an easy and warm demeanor that captivates his audiences, and a fun personable character.

Diving right in, Logan talked about his 3 different European tours in 2019. When asked what his experience was like, the artist excitedly explained, “it’s crazy to see that many people responding [to my music]. My favorite part was Germany and the castle we saw in Bavaria. [I] love the UK. But my favorite day was in Kulmbach where we filmed a music video.” Although picking favorites is difficult, Logan concluded that “Munich or Kulmbach are my favorite cities.”


Music that touches the heart and soul like Logan’s takes passion and creativity. While chatting with him and watching him perform, it was apparent how this talented artist uses his own experiences to share and relate to fans. Tonight asked Logan how he shows his feeling best when writing and performing music. After pondering briefly, he replied, “I think it just comes out. Sometimes you are trying to write a song that everyone will resonate with and other times you are writing something from deep within. I’m always trying to write and come up with ideas. I think the recordings are better than the live shows, not that we slack on the live shows but the song is fresh, it’s a new idea. By the time we play live, I’ve sung it over 580 bajillion times. The recordings are the best! I write a lot of our songs and it’s all musical. It’s a guitar riff or a cord and I see it visually as a visual person. I’m inspired by landscape! It’ll spark an emotion and a melody and from there I gotta figure out the words.

Each song resonates differently with each artist. Tonight asked Logan which song of his has the most meaning to him and were not disappointed by his answer. Immediately, Logan replied, “I have a song that doesn’t come out until May called “Prettiest Girl In The World. [This song] has the most meaning because I wrote it when my wife was pregnant with my daughter. I am a dude and I have seen so many of my friends treat women badly and I really hope she goes out into the world and knows how much she is valued and appreciated. She is five now and it is so nerve wracking that she will get older and could get her heart broken. I wrote it from the angle that the person she ends up with treats her the way she deserves to be treated.” Cue hearts melting. We can’t wait for May to hear this sweet song!


Seeing how fans connect with their music is unique to each artist. In his experience, Logan has seen his songs flourish in the military community. “Some Marine friends of mine convinced me to get into music. I had a Marine Corp friend who said [listening to “The Boys From Back Home”] has kept [them] going. They were in the middle of Iraq, bombed every day with half of his platoon dead. We were talking on a satellite phone and [my friend] said that my music was getting them through. So the military community really convinced me to get into the industry. I owe a lot to them for a lot of reasons.”

The sky’s the limit for this rising artist. He has high aspirations and we are excited to see him reach those goals. A dream Logan shared with Tonight is to “headline at Arrowhead Stadium. My ultimate goal is to do a national park hologram tour.” He joked, “it might be a stupid idea… until it happens! I want to have live feed holograms behind me where I am 60 feet tall at Yellowstone National Park. Call me a five year old. I am a dreamer, building it step by step. I love music and I love creating and connecting with people. I guess if that snowballs it’ll happen.” Here’s to Logan achieving that dream!

While sharing his aspirations, Logan mentioned that his top dream artist to perform with one day would be Enya. “[She] was the reason why I started playing piano, and I learned piano playing to her music.”

Logan’s artistic legacy has been passed to his children as well. “My daughter might follow in my musical footsteps. She is super artistic and creative. My son is extremely athletic and what I wish I was at eight [years old]. He seems to be more into sports. My daughter loves music, and has perfect pitch. She sings really well, is quite an entertainer and a great dancer.”

After the interview, this warm and personable artist put on a great show in Sacramento. Fans were smiling and dancing to his songs and no one wanted the night to end. We are excited to see more from Logan in the future, and hope that his hologram national park tour dream becomes a reality in the near future! It’s not too late to catch Logan and his band on his “I Ain’t Gotta Grow Up” tour. Check out his website for tour dates and updated info. Don’t miss out on any info and keep up with Logan on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.