Snoop Dogg’s Smoke Show in Sacramento

Snoop Dogg lit up Ace of Spades on his ‘I Wanna Thank Me Tour.’

After a long night packed full of anticipation, Snoop Dogg confidently strode on stage holding a blunt that clouded him in smoke. Fans cheered wildly for the rapper. Some even took a hit themselves.


His easy confidence enveloped the stage as he immediately dove into his set. Each song met loyal fans expectations to his sold out show. People were singing along with Snoop Dogg throughout the night.

Quickly into his performance, two strippers began dancing on stage to the music. Both women showed immense talent and strength in their provocative outfits. He also brought out backup dancers integrated throughout the performance. The artist put on a production for his fans that kept the crowd moving all night. One of the highlights of the show occurred when Snoop Dogg’s famous mascot Nasty Dogg joined the stage.


Snoop Dogg connected with his fans throughout the night. During the set, he paid homage to rappers who have passed. This talented rapper is leaving quite a legacy in the music industry. This legend played classic throwbacks and newer hits that left each person excited to see what else Snoop Dogg has rolled up his sleeve.  

The ‘I Wanna Thank Me’ tour has just begun & there are plenty of shows left to catch Snoop Dogg at! Visit Ticketmaster to grab your tickets, and follow Snoop Dogg and Bobby Dee Presents to stay up to date!


Article By: Beatriz Carias

Photography By: Daria Hoffmann