Hippo Campus Serenades Sacramento on 2019 Bambi Tour

Hippo Campus brought Sacramento to their feet at Ace of Spades on their 2019 Bambi Tour. When the band stepped onstage, concert goers cheered in excitement as the band began with ‘Bambi.’ It was hard to stand still as fans, new and old, sang along to beloved classics like South, and fresh hit favorites like ‘Doubt.’


During a break in the music, Hippo Campus thanked fans for continued support, and announced that this would be their last tour for a while. They mentioned how much each of them would miss the family they created on tour. The artists seemed tired after a long tour that brought them around North America. Sacramento hit the home stretch for the band, and they gave the city their all throughout the night. 

As the night went on, the members filled the stage with fun dance moves and shook their hips to the mellow vibe going on throughout the concert. DeCarlo Jackson stole the stage a few times with his enthusiastic trumpet playing. As a group, Hippo Campus knows how to beautifully embody indie rock.



Fans plead for just one more song as the band closed with ‘South.’ After a few minutes of anticipation, the artists poured out on stage again to wrap up the energetic night with the crowd pleasing ‘Buttercup.’ Everyone had their hands raised in the air, and were jumping and singing along to the chorus. They ended on a high note and left loyal fans hungry for more. We can’t wait for Hippo Campus to release another album and are excited to see what this band comes up with in the future. 

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