Twenty One Pilots Fired Up Golden 1 on The Bandito Tour

Twenty One Pilots took the Golden 1 Center stage by flame on their 2019 Bandito Live Tour.

Masters of pyrotechnics, Twenty One Pilots opened with a car ablaze while performing onstage. It was a show filled with fireworks, fog, lights, confetti, and actual fire. Concert goes couldn’t help but leap to their feet and move to the music.


Tyler Joseph captivated the audience with his unique voice, poetic lyrics, and sense of humor. While playing a beautiful melody on the piano, Tyler cracked a joke about how he loved saying mean things with beautiful piano music in the background. Drummer Josh Dun also showed off his talent throughout the performance. All eyes were on him when his drum kit rose into the air. He created a moment to remember when his drum kit floated on top of the mosh pit while he played and loyal fans held him high above their heads.


Throughout the night, the band played classics that loyal fans from their start sang at the top of their lungs, paired with newer songs from their beloved Bandito album. There was never  a dull moment. Towards the end of the concert, Josh recounted a story of how he braved a trip to Taco Bell right before the concert to satisfy pre show munchies. A group of fans piled into the fast food chain after him, but never noticed his causal presence near them. However, right before he left, the clever artist turned to the group and announced, “you better not be late to the show tonight!” The crowd burst out in laughter. Josh thanked the audience for their continued support.


After a night filled with dancing, jokes, and costume changes, the band closed with “Chlorine” and “Trees.” You could feel the audience surge with emotion along with adrenaline in anticipation for this moment. As a stadium, people banded together while singing and moving their feet to the encore. After a night that we didn’t want to end, Twenty One Pilots left us all wondering what they have in store in the future.


There aren’t many stops left on the Bandito tour, but stay up to date on everything Twenty One Pilots by following their Instagram, Twitter, and Website!