Future Generations throw a dance party at Soda Bar, San Diego

This past Saturday, Future Generations took the stage at Soda Bar in San Diego in support of Magic City Hippies. It was immediately clear that the band came to have a good time and put on a great show for the sold out audience.

As the small venue began to fill up with people anxious to have a good time, Future Generations took to the rather equally small stage and made the most out of the limited space they had. Although they had to deal with a cramped stage, they managed to dance and keep the energy high through out the entire set.

Photo: SXSW Artist page

The attention of the room was immediately captured by the bands playful demeanor. By the end of the first song, the entire crowd was either swaying or dancing with huge smiles across their faces. It became very apparent that people were immediately able to connect with the bands dreamy synth-pop songs. The killer combo of guitar riffs and electro indie pop overtones made it virtually impossible not to dance and have a good time while they played.

You could tell the band pours their heart and soul into every performance but allows themselves room to have fun with each other. Putting on a good show was obviously a top priority that was made possible by their great attitudes and a perfectly chosen set list. The heavenly blend of old hits, like Stars, and new songs from their sophomore album Landscape, gave the crowd a perfect representation of what the band is all about.

Future Generations put on a great show for everyone in attendance. They will continue to tour the country playing both headlining shows and supporting Magic City Hippies. Tickets for their shows can be found on their website.

In the mean time, all of their music is currently available on all streaming services but make sure you check them out live for a great show!

Feature photo credit: Cent Magazine