Moda Spira talks about ‘Divorce’

Moda Spira shares her experiences creating her newest album.

Indie singer, songwriter, and producer Latifah Alattas created Moda Spira as a project in order to channel emotional honesty through song. As Moda Spira, Alattas released her sophomore album Divorce and took the time to talk about the inspiration behind the album as well as the writing process.

Divorce album cover

The album is a collection of songs steeped in raw emotion and made to make you feel something, with the biggest inspiration for the album coming from the singer’s recent divorce, she notes “[the experience] formed every lyric and evocative every sound you hear on the album“.

The 11 track album, which includes the recently released single Bang, evokes a somber and serious mood. Alattas describes the album “as a book telling a story” but is most excited for fans to hear her single Bang. 

As you travel through the album, it is like you are experiencing every emotion along side Alattas. Starting off with a hauntingly beautiful cover of Ring of Fire, Alattas really sets the mood for the rest of the album. The emotional integrity portrayed in each and every song is memorizing. As you travel through the album, Alattas guides you through her own emotions while also allowing the listener to fill in the blanks with their own experiences. With every song being so raw and honest, it is no wonder why when Alattas plays live she sees so many people in the crowd crying.

Alattas also noted that her fans have thanked her for sharing her experience. Some have even reached out to share their own experiences with her.

The message she hopes to spread through the album is, “Mostly, you are not alone. In your pain and in your loss. And that being committed to processing the pain, not avoiding it, will bring healing. It won’t put things back how they were, but you will become something new, the broken pieces do go back together…just differently”. 

With the release of the album, Alattas was happy to share she would be playing some shows on the west coast with Liz Vice at the end of October and is optimistic about playing more shows in 2019.Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.02.23 PM

You can purchase tickets for these upcoming shows on Mods Spira’s webiste


Divorce is available October 26 on all streaming platforms.

All photos were provided by Sideways Media and shot by Zach McNair