Parker Layton’s Journey

Looking for your next musical crush? Check out Parker Layton.

Parker’s song “Keep in Touch” came out in April 2018, and the music video dropped shortly after.


“The story behind the song is kind of a translation of  how some of my past relationships have lacked communication and having them end in questioning how it could’ve been handled better.”

Like “Keep in Touch,” Parker’s songs will always have meaning to him.

“One thing that I want my fans to know about my music is that I’m not going to put something out there that don’t believe in or something that I’m not proud to share with everyone.”

However, he knows that as an artist there is always more to learn.

“As I grow as an artist I look to improve on my songwriting ability and also become more comfortable performing live.”

Part of growing as an artist is also growing as a person. Balancing his schedule can sometimes be difficult.

“To keep balance within my life I schedule everything out. I typically work weekends and go to school at Arizona State. I make time during the week and weekends to work on my performance and knowledge of music itself.”

Making time for family and friends is just as important too.

“My family my friends help me reach my goals with so much support and love they kept me going and pushed me towards pursuing music. Even in their lives I love to support them in their endeavors!”

Parker Layton’s musical journey is going to be a great one, so make sure to follow his Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates.