Hot Flash Heat Wave Rock the Voodoo Room

With the words make me feel something sprawled across the cover of one of their pedal boards, new wave indie band Hot Flash Heat Wave made it obvious what they intended to do.

IMG_8634The musty House of Blues Voodoo Room in San Diego was packed with people waiting to hear what the band had in store for the night.

After Beach Goons, a band native to San Diego, Hot Flash Heat Wave took the stage and after a few technical difficulties, found their groove playing their catchy indie surf rock songs. IMG_8625

The extremely intimate setting made the show feel like a private concert put on for just you and a few friends. While the band did not hesitate to play all of their most popular songs like Gutter Girl and Shotgun, they made sure to play their latest single Glo Ride and even an unnamed new song that will be released soon. 

As the night went on, the band made sure to keep the show light hearted and fun by cracking jokes and telling stories in between songs, even indulging a crowd in an impromptu encore and a stage dive by the singer/guitarist (name unknown).

Their flowery melodies and fuzzy hypnotic guitar riffs filled the room with a daydreamy haze and feeling of bliss. Although it was a rare rainy day in San Diego, Hot Flash Heat Wave brought the sun into the small venue through their upbeat, guitar driven songs and the intimate crowd loved it.


Hot Flash Heat Wave are continuing their tour in Texas before moving on to various cities around the East Coast. You can get your tickets to any of these upcoming shows on their website:

Photo Credit Hot Flash Heat Wave