Lauv and Ashe at the Troubadour

Lauv and Ashe hit the Troubadour stage for night 2 of LA’s “I Met You When I Was 18” tour.

Ashe’s performance was nothing short of magical. Her angelic voice wrapped the audience in from the moment she stepped on stage. The beautifully written original songs made the crowd swoon, singing along to every word.

With only one opener, Lauv was next to stage.

Lauv 1

It isn’t hard to fall for Ari Leff’s on stage presence. He’s the artist that captivates his audience by seemingly just existing. His real personality shines through with his interactions, and his voice does the rest.

Selling out both shows at the Troubadour, Lauv’s fans were there to have an amazing night… and that is exactly what they got.

Most of the “I Met You When I Was 18” World Tour has already sold out, but if tickets are still available in your city it is a must see show.

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Lauv 2