CULTS Hit the Stage in San Diego

Having just released their newest album, Cults came to put on a show this past Sunday in San Diego.

The venue, a still functioning church, was full with eager fans waiting for the band to step on stage. The intimacy and uniqueness of the venue added to the show’s harmonious nature.

It was obvious the band felt at home all through out the show and the crowd loved every moment, swaying to the rhythm of each song. They played the perfect mix of songs from all three of their albums “Cults” (2011), “Static” (2013), and their latest release “Offering” (2017). It was evident everyone in the venue enjoyed the easy, romantic nature of each song and appreciated the band’s new songs that were not as well known.

The night ended with their most popular song “Go Outside,” a favorite for many fans, which closed the show with an upbeat and optimistic feeling.

The Cults put on a beautiful show filled with graceful melodies and dreamy tones made to make the crowd feel optimistic and enjoy their time.

Be sure to listen to Cults’ latest release “Offering” and check out remaining tour dates in your city.  

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photos courtesy of @CultsCultsCults on Instagram