Hoodie Allen at the House of Blues (Photos!)

Hoodie Allen took the stage in Anaheim last night. Money was blown, cake was tossed, and the crowd was HYPE!

First to take the stage was 25 year old Myles Parrish. With music that clearly gave off Bay Area vibes, which is where Myles is from, the crowd was excited. For being the opener’s opener, Myles’ set had the audience engaged.

Bringing Myles on tour was a smart move for Hoodie’s team. His fan base brought in a good crowd, since many ‘Kalin and Myles’ supporters have stuck with Myles and his music.

Next to the stage was Los Angeles native Luke Christopher. With a slower paced rhythm, his music was a nice break between Myles’ and Hoodie’s sets. A lot of the audience members were either already Luke fans or quickly became so during his set.

Soon, Hoodie Allen took the stage. This crowd was WILD. Hoodie came out singing the first single off his new album The Hype, “Sushi.” With sushi being a reference to money,  Hoodie had a money gun which was a unique touch.

hoodie clip 2

In Hoodie Allen tradition, cake was thrown off the stage. While singing “Cake Boy” from his 2013 album, Hoodie aimed into the crowd, and let a cake FLY!  Luckily, it pelted the people next to me instead of me, so thanks for aiming well Hoodie.

hoodie clip 4 cake

In all honesty, this was one of the best concerts I have been to in a while. The crowd was super hype, which of course is fitting with the name of Hoodie’s album. Hoodie also seemed to be having an amazing time. Taking unscripted fan requests, his band was able to play nearly every song that was shouted.

Hoodie Allen’s stage demeanor and love for his fans is something that a lot of artists could learn from.

It’s not too late to catch Hoodie, Luke, and Myles on the rest of their North American tour!


There is also a European tour coming in November!