Perfume Genius Rolling into San Diego on September 28!

Front man Mike Hadreas of Perfume Genius opens up about the new album and going on tour again.  
You might remember Perfume Genius from their last release in 2014, “Too Bright”, but their latest release will make you a fan all over again.

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photo courtesy of @PerfumeGenius on Instagram

“No Shape,” their latest release, pushes the boundaries beyond what is expected.  Lead singer Mike Hadreas explains, “[he is] always trying to push [himself]” when writing new material. “Writing only feels important and inspired to me if I am outside of my comfort zone and trying to shatter habits I’ve developed with my voice or chords I am naturally drawn to,” Hadreas explains.

Through their latest singles “Slip Away” and “Die 4 U,” Perfume Genius sets a new tone for the record and embraces a new sound.  The ambient yet hard hitting mixture of sounds on the new album creates a beautiful juxtaposition throughout each track.  

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photo courtesy of @PerfumeGenius on Instagram

As they set out on tour, Hadreas states he is most excited about performing “Slip Away” live, “I like to see everyone get so pumped up and I work myself in to a fervor,” noting that it is “like [his] stadium anthem.”

Perfume Genius is sure to put on a great show filled with a lot of energy and many new songs. If you can’t make it to the San Diego show at the House of Blues, be sure to check them out in a city near you!