Twin Sister Duo MACEDO

Melissa and Michelle: twin sisters, actresses, and killer vocalists.


You might recognize these beautiful girls from their role on the Netflix Original, “GIRLBOSS,” but you probably didn’t know that on top of being amazing actresses, these twins can SING!

Growing up we were both always singing and writing songs together. Being a musical duo was just something that happened naturally. Our family is very musical and our earliest musical memory is sitting at the piano with our dad. Our parents were always playing music from all types of genres, from rock to pop to Bossa Nova and Classical, during our childhood we discovered how powerful music can be.

After falling in love with music, Melissa and Michelle formed MACEDO.

It felt like a way to transform life experiences into something beautiful, like alchemy. It can truly help people. To express ideas and feelings through lyrics and music is incredibly powerful.”


Sometimes people say not to go into business with family because of the stress it creates. Luckily, these sisters are on the same page.

We are so deeply connected that sometimes we get ideas about a situation that the other one is in. So, Melissa will see me experiencing a relationship and she will get an idea about a song for it and because I am actually experiencing it, then we can finish it together.  Michelle is really strong with lyrics and Melissa will add a melody to it, but it can be switched as well. We sort of go with the flow depending on the song.  Every song is so different. Michelle does a lot of the writing in general. We wrote the song “Sea of You” together based on a melody idea that Melissa had, then Michelle flushed out the lyrics added some melody onto the edits of it.  You never know when inspiration is gonna strike. As sisters and as musicians, one of us will supply what the other one needs…Some other twin bands don’t like to focus on the fact that they are twins. That is just a part of who we are, our relationship is integral to our art.

Brining in the twin factor was a natural step for the MACEDO sisters.

We love being twins! Firstly, you have a built in best friend. We know we always have each other’s backs and we support each other entirely. We would both do anything for the other. The best part of being a twin is that it’s very easy to communicate. We’ve had our own way of communicating for as long as we can remember. It’s like speaking our own language. We’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. We’re each very different but very much in sync.


With music self described as “Indie Pop,” the girls have embraced a unique style into their music.

We’ve evolved so much in our imagery. I think the imagery for “Ghost Town” was an idea we had brewing for a while. We are both very into the occult, witchy aspect. Melissa actually reads Tarot Cards. We wanted it to represent the inner ghosts that people battle every day. We had an incredible team help us as well. We were privileged to work with a photographer named Myriam Santos who really helped bring our ideas to life. Jason Adduci designed the cover art and Chandra Dyani styled us. We shot in a haunted old mansion in Los Angeles and we both feel very powerfully connected to the witchy femininity of that imagery.

To get a feel for their witchy vibes, check out MACEDO’s new video for “Supernatural.”

The sisters have big goals for their music.

We really hope our music connects with people and helps people to empower themselves…I think the message of the music is to accept imperfections and that humans are incredibly resilient and beautiful as they are. If the song speaks to one person or helps one person connect to themselves in a way they haven’t before, I think it’s worth it.

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