Interview and Photos with CASPR the Friendly Ghost

LA based singer CASPR talks his musical beginnings, fans, and his big goals for the future.

CASPR tells Tonight where his love and gift for making music comes from.

“I wasn’t born knowing music theory or how to breathe properly while singing or how to write an ear-wormy pop hook. It is something that I have cultivated my entire life. I believe much more in energy forces and the power of focused thought and hard work. True, I have loved music since I was a child and it has always been something I was good at, but it has been a long and trying road putting as much focus into it as I possibly could to try and be great. The music business isn’t for the faint of heart or those lacking work ethic. It is a daily struggle trying to make it and I am constantly having to remind myself why I do what I do. But maybe that’s exactly why I was given this “gift”… because I am someone who has the stamina to push and push so other people can enjoy in it with me.”

CASPR loves and embraces connecting with his fans and tells Tonight how much the small moments mean to him as well as the impact social media has had on his fan interactions.

“I have watched my fan base grow steadily over the past few years, and seeing them connect with my music is the ultimate treat – it is the reason why musicians do what we do. Before I started the CASPR project, I had a singer songwriter project under the name Blake Adam (my real name.) When I released my first EP as Blake Adam I had fans sending me cover videos of my songs, posting photos with my lyrics as captions, even emailing me asking me to mail them autographs. As an unsigned artist, these seemingly small moments are monumental. For a split second you feel like a Justin Bieber or an Adam Levine…momentary superstar status. Social media has been the biggest tool at my disposal when connecting with fans. It has become so easy for us to communicate with one another, and it gives fans of artists or entertainers an opportunity to see into their worlds, one Snapchat at a time. I find my fans connecting not only with my music, but with me on a personal level. And this is great, because if fans understand me and can relate to me, hopefully they will relate to my music.”


His new song “Crazy” is about to come out and according to CASPR the process has been “[so] exciting!”

“My producer, Danen Reed, is based in Nashville while I’m over in California. We had been sending each other melody and production ideas back and forth for a little while and working on some other tracks when he sent me a short sample of what would become the Crazy production. Needless to say, it was dope, and I was hooked. I wrote the melody and most of the lyrics for the first half of the song within 10 minutes of listening to the sample. Danen and I reworked a few things here and there but the song has generally stayed the same from my initial ideas. The reason why the lyrics and the concept for Crazy came so quickly to me is simply due to the fact that it is a true and accurate expression of exactly how I was feeling at the time. Immersed in a relationship that was making me think and feel things I had never felt before, the thought “damn, I’m fucking crazy” had crossed my mind more than a few times. Lucky for me, the guy I was (and still am) dating thinks my craziness is cute. At least I hope so.”

 As far as long term goals, CASPR dishes,

“The biggest goal is to continue to make music that I love and hopefully be able to travel the world performing it. I am a performer more than anything. Songwriter, yes. Pretty good singer, sure. But when I get on a stage, I am truly in my element. I can’t wait until I can go out on my first headlining tour. Traveling city to city, performing in front of audiences who have chosen to be there to see me, to hear my songs, and to sing along. To me, once I do that, the rest will all just be icing on the cake.”


To accomplish these goals, CASPR tells Tonight he leans on the inspiration behind his song “Crazy”,

The same guy… is actually the person in my life who has given me the strongest sense of focus and control. He has inspired me more than anyone to continue pursuing my dreams and making music. My boyfriend, Matthew John, is also a singer/songwriter, and when we first got together I had been on a little musical hiatus. Matthew encouraged me to begin writing again after I had convinced myself that it was a time to give up and get a “real job.” He truly got my creative juices flowing for the first time in almost a year and I am so grateful to him for that. We began playing shows together throughout LA and writing and recording frequently. We traveled to Nashville and soaked up all the music and creativity. He gave me back something that I had lost, or given away. I truly can’t thank him enough for that, so hopefully if he doesn’t know how much I appreciate him now he will. Thanks Matt!”

You can find CASPR’s new single “Crazy” on Soundcloud now and trust us when we say you won’t be able to stop dancing.

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