John Lindahl Takes on the House of Blues (Photos!)

John Lindahl sold his highest number of tickets ever for his show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on April 2nd.



Drew Ryniewicz and John Lindahl met in line when they both were auditioning for the XFactor. From there, a friendship like no other has grown.

Drew took the stage before John on Sunday night.

Drew’s set started out with a light crowd, but by the end everyone was very engaged.

Throughout her set, Drew’s vocals were strong. By playing with different aspects of the microphone, she was able to change the strongpoints in her voice giving her a very unique style.

Singing “Issues” by Julianna Michaels as her cover song, the crowd was able to sing along with Drew and put full attention into her performance.

Drew’s beats might not be the most dance vibe-y, but her slow rhythms are enchanting.

When Drew’s set ended, the crowd was definitely ready to see John Lindahl take the stage.

Starting off with one of his hits “Control,” John’s voice got the crowd going, but it was most definitely his dance moves that had everyone on their feet and singing along.

With the audience ranging from preteen to adult, it seemed as though people were a little shy to let their emotions show. Thanks to John and his high energy band, by the third song it was obvious this was going to be a great crowd.

John stuck mainly to his original songs from Control and his new album Favors, but mixed in a few cover songs as well. His cover of The Chainsmokers’ and Halsey’s “Closer” was a unique twist on the original that we will hopefully hear on YouTube or SoundCloud soon?

The show ended on a high note with John singing a track he worked with Justin Timberlake on, “Water.” Timberlake vibes were easily heard in the song, but it was Lindahl’s execution that brought it all together.

Seeing John Lindahl in concert is a must. We also need to get this kid a bigger stage so he can REALLY show off his awesome dance moves.

john dancing

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