An Interview with Jodie Mellor

Seventeen year old singer / songwriter Jodie Mellor gives an inside look at her love for music. 

Photo Courtesy of Jodie Mellor

Taking a look at Jodie Mellor’s YouTube Channel, there are many covers of today’s pop hits. With an incredible voice, Jodie’s consistency and dedication is earning her thousands of views.

Posting a cover of Little Mix’s “F.U.” brought on a lot of attention.

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When Little Mix noticed her cover, Jodie was in shock!

“I just stared at the notification on my phone for a good few minutes in disbelief – I didn’t think it was a real account at first! It wasn’t until the notifications started coming in that I ran downstairs literally SCREAMING to my family that Little Mix just tweeted my cover. I think they were more shocked than me!”

From all her posts on YouTube, Jodie has gained fans from all over the world. There’s one important thing she wants them all to know.

“I get a lot of comments from people asking me why I’m so unconfident, or that I look so down when I play, so I think I would like them to know that I really do enjoy it. I think I just go into another world when I sing and forget about the fact that I’m filming for them all to see.”

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Photo Courtesy of @JodieMellor on Instagram

When Jodie enters this other world, she shows her feelings in an unique way.

“When I’m writing, I find that my songs are centered very strongly around the lyrics. I try to get every song to tell a story, or give it the ability to be interpreted in different ways. I show my feelings through the lyrics I write, and when I perform I try to sing the song the way I have interpreted it.”

Jodie’s passion for music and singing comes with a goal.

“If I were to say a reason as to why I have this passion, I think it would be to make people feel something when I play, or to bring people together with my music. That’s the dream anyway!”

Looking up to many different talented artists, it is easy to see how Jodie fell in love with music.

“When I first started playing guitar at around age 10, I was obsessed with Taylor Swift. I still love her work, but I currently look up to artists such as Ed Sheeran. I admire his lyrical ability and his performance style, as well as Hozier, James Bay and John Mayer. I also love Alessia Cara, as she started out online and is now working with people I loved as a child like JoJo.”

As she goes on to pursue her passion, Jodie has big goals.

“I think my top goal is to tour the world, performing in as many places that I can. I’m not thinking big venues, just small intimate gigs in places I’ve never been. I think using social media is the best way forward, as it gives me the publicity that I need for my music to be heard across the world.”

To stay up to date on Jodie Mellor, check out her Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.