Oddity’s Musical Journey

LaMont Hodge, better known by his stage name Oddity explains to Tonight the process of creating his album, “It Was All Worth It.”


In September 2016, Oddity released his video for a bonus track from his upcoming album. Through “One Fine Morning” LaMont aimed to give his audience an intimate look at his creative process.

I wanted to show people my ideas and capture true beauty, true freedom, and true happiness. That’s really what the song is about. My mom had a short battle with breast cancer late 2015 and she was fortunate enough to beat it in early January 2016. It gave me a lot of perspective and I just had this day by day outlook that no matter how many days we’ve seen and lived, I still can’t wait to see tomorrow cause every morning is a fine morning if you get to see it.

The new album, “It Was All Worth It” is set to come out soon.

My album has been a growing process of the last 3 years of my life. It covers the entire span of my life up to around February 2016. I’ve had the idea for quite some time of doing a concept album that transitioned from one song to the next with an all encompassing theme that can be found in the end. Expect to feel a wide range of emotions as well as hear a wide range of sounds.

Having such emotional depth in his songs, Oddity finds inspiration everywhere in his life.

I’m constantly inspired by people, my mom being the foremost of them. The places I’ve been inspire me to write. My youth and opportunity inspire me to write considering not very many people have the means to express themselves or the platform to do so. When I need inspiration it depends on the kind I need. Sometimes I need self exile and other times I need to be around people observing and having conversations. I always make sure my inner child stays intact though. Stay curious and always aware. It is my inspiration’s best friend.


Growing as his own artist, Oddity also finds creativeness through other artists.

 Most of my musical heroes have passed sadly, but I still have a few people I would love to work with. Quincy Jones, Pharrell, Rick Rubin, and Kanye to name a few on the production side. I’d love to work with Kendrick, Frank Ocean, J.Cole, Childish Gambino, and Anderson.Paak. They are easily some of my favorite and in my opinion some of the most creative artists today.

Speaking of Childish Gambino, Oddity has something else in common with the artist.

“[The name] Oddity means strange or peculiar person or thing. And I got my name through a wu-tang name generator just messing around with some friends the same way Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) got his.

Influential messages and a strong personal background are what make LaMont the artist he is today. To learn more about music by Oddity, check out his Twitter and YouTube. Also, take a look at the Photo Session he did with Tonight.